Lock Them Up: Anti-Trump Lunatics Vow to Not Pay Taxes

Posted by on Feb 15, 2017 at 8:06 am

If you vowed to not pay taxes during the Obama regime these same nutcases would call you racist. Now they’ll be hailed as patriots or something.

We encourage them to follow up on their pledge, as they’ll be locked up and won’t be able to vote.

Andrew Newman always pays his taxes, even if he hates what the government is doing with them. But not this year. For him, Donald Trumpis the dealbreaker. He’ll pay his city and state taxes but will refuse to pay federal income tax as a cry of civil disobedience against the president and his new administration.

Newman is not alone. A nascent movement has been detected to revive the popularity of tax resistance – last seen en masse in America during the Vietnam war but which has been, sporadically, a tradition in the US and beyond going back many centuries.

“The government wants our money and if a lot of people were thinking about this kind of peaceful protest, it would get their attention,” he added.

Newman, 48, regrets that his 2016 taxes have already been automatically taken out of his paycheck. He intends to write to the government accusing the Trump administration of a planned misuse of those public funds. Then he will change his 2017 arrangements so that he will get a bill from the Inland Revenue Service, instead, and will refuse to pay it, donating the money to causes he deems more socially responsible.

Inland Revenue Service? Is this some new government outfit? Whatever the case, that prosecution should be a slam dunk, with this story as government evidence.

He will be following the example of one of his heroes, Henry David Thoreau, who refused to pay tax that would fund wars and slavery and was jailed for it in 1846, and whose famous essay, Civil Disobedience, Newman often reads to his students. Martin Luther King Jr was a huge admirer or Thoreau’s argument about civil disobedience, and Mahatma Gandhi led salt tax protests and resistance that helped spur independence for India.

Sure, some random clown is just like Martin Luther King or Gandhi. They wonder why nobody takes them seriously.

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  1. dahozho on 15/15/17 at 12:37 pm

    Inland Revenue is the UK’s tax man. Maybe dude has more problems than just the IRS…