Leftwing Losers Harass Charities Demanding They Cancel Mar-a-Lago Cancer Fundraisers

Posted by on Feb 06, 2017 at 7:45 am

How low can the liberal losers sink? They’re actually now harassing the Red Cross and assorted cancer charities because they can’t handle the fact they’re having fundraisers at a Donald Trump property.

Apparently they’d prefer people die rather than allowing a Trump facility to host fundraisers to help fight cancer.

How sick can these people get?

Since President Donald Trump opened the gold-infused ballroom at his Mar-a-Lago resort almost 12 years ago, it has been a popular rental for the American Red Cross, hospitals, medical researchers and other charities for fundraising galas where the wealthiest donors are wined and dined, often netting $1million or more.

But Trump’s election puts charities in an awkward position over choosing the resort — recently dubbed the president’s Winter White House — for events they may have planned more than a year in advance.

With Trump placing a moratorium on refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries and his promises to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, activists are pressuring charities such as the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Cleveland Clinic to move or cancel their galas this month.

As the American Red Cross held a gala fundraiser Saturday at Mar-a-Lago, about three thousand demonstrators marched nearby to protest Trump’s now-blocked executive order temporarily limiting immigration.

The event ended peacefully, and there were no arrests.

So far, no known Mar-a-Lago charity events have been moved or canceled.

More than 2,300 people, including faculty and students from Harvard Medical School, have signed an online petition demanding that Boston-based Dana-Farber move or cancel its February 18 ‘Discovery Celebration,’ featuring a performance by Grammy Award winner David Foster. The cheapest ticket is $1,250.

The letter, published on Medium, alleges: ‘The executive order is a direct threat to the health and well-being of thousands of refugees worldwide who are fleeing violence and persecution by denying them consideration for refugee status in the United States.

‘The executive order also poses significant risk to [Dana Farber Cancer Institute] patients from barred countries who may no longer be able to travel between their home country and DFCI for their medical care, including patients who are permanent residents of the United States.’

Petition organizer George Karandinos, a 30-year-old Harvard medical student from Houston, said he understands that canceling or moving the Dana-Farber event would be difficult, ‘but they can make a public moral stand that is in line with their stated values’ of diversity and supporting scientific exchanges across borders.

Pathetically this comes from an actual medical student, with a bunch of Harvard Medical School doctors signing on. Nothing like helping bring us all together by harassing cancer charities.

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