Illegals Harassing Times Square Tourists, Mayor Big Bird Does Nothing

Posted by on Jul 31, 2017 at 7:13 am

Let’s face it, folks, the clown mayor of New York City cares about two things: getting re-elected and illegal aliens. Forget cops, forget about the rights of city residents, forget about tourists. He just doesn’t care. If he’s re-elected come November, he’ll be emboldened and the city will descend further into chaos. This is how the far left operates.

Meet the des-RUDE-as!

Costumed characters in Times Square are giving the finger to attempts to rein them in, refusing to stay in designated areas and continuing to curse in front of kiddies and threaten passers-by for dough.

Foul-mouthed desnudas, grabby Hulks and tourist-terrorizing gangs of Minnie Mice are still brazenly holding the Crossroads of the World hostage even amid a heavy presence of NYPD cops, who act oblivious to their disturbing antics.

At any given moment on two recent afternoons, only half of the two-dozen tip-mooching characters stayed behind the blue lines of Times Square’s “Designated Activity Zones,” or DAZs, the city-mandated areas created last year as their boundary for posing for photos and asking for tips.

Yet none of those who illegally strayed outside the zoneswere issued summonses by the half-dozen police patrolling the pedestrian plaza.

A law-enforcement source shrugged that the officers’ hands were tied since most of the costumed panhandlers are illegal — and under the de Blasio administration, it’s a no-no to go after them.

When you no longer enforce our laws you invite more lawlessness. If the people are dumb enough to vote for de Blasio again they deserve no mercy.


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