If Only There Were Clues: London Terrorist Appeared in Documentary About British Jihadis

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Considering there are probably thousands of these monsters roaming free in the U.K., we’re going out on a limb and suggesting they have a huge problem on their hands. Especially when they’re out in the open about their desires.

The security services were facing difficult questions last night over how at least one of the London Bridge terrorists slipped through the intelligence net despite being reported to the police at least twice.

It emerged that the 27-year-old Muslim extremist known to friends as ‘Abz’ appeared in a TV documentary last year about British jihadists – and was involved in a filmed altercation with police after an ISIS-style flag was unfurled in Regent’s park, London.

He was caught on camera alongside two notorious preachers who were well known to police and intelligence officials because of their extremist views.

Today his family asked to ‘grieve in peace’ as it emerged the terrorist held a farewell barbecue at his flat in Barking.

Neighbour Ramou Grant told Good Morning Britain: ‘Last week he called for a barbecue and invited all of us. [I’m] thinking, “was this a send-off?”.’

Amid a series of revelations last night, it was claimed that a friend of the suspect had reported him to the anti-terror hotline after he became radicalised by watching extremist videos onYouTube.

It was also alleged that police were warned about the suspect radicalising children in a local park two years ago, giving them sweets and money.

And yesterday, a photographer captured a detective carrying secret notes which appeared to suggest a man embroiled in the investigation had been quizzed by police last year.

A friend who called the anti-terror hotline said: ‘I did my bit, I know other people did their bit but the authorities did not do their bit’. The Telegraph claims that counter-terrorism officers were watching a terror cell in Barking on the eve of the terror attack.

The suspect, who the Mail has chosen not to name at the request of police, is understood to be one of three men who embarked on a stabbing rampage in London on Saturday night.

Gardai in Ireland have confirmed that an Irish ID card was found on the body of another of the killers – who is believed to have been born in Morocco but living in Dublin.

Meanwhile, celebrities and other nitwits lashed out at the real perpetrator: Donald Trump.

British and American celebrities are expressing their outrage at President Donald Trump’s criticism of London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Twitter just hours after a terror attack in the city left seven dead and 48 injured Saturday night.

The President tweeted to criticize Khan for telling residents of London that there is ‘no reason to be alarmed’ after three terrorists ran over a crowd of people and stabbed several others before being shot dead.

But he seemed to miss that Khan was referring to an increased police presence in the British capital when he said there was ‘no reason to be alarmed’.

The Mayor had earlier condemned the attacks as ‘barbaric’ and ‘cowardly’.

Taking any opportunity available to undermine the President, former presidential-rival Hillary Clinton tweeted Sunday evening in support of Khan.

‘After acts of unspeakable cruelty & cowardice, the people of London & the UK choose resolve over fear. Your friends in the US stand w/ you,’ Clinton wrote at about 6:30pm (ET).

Celebrities, including JK Rowling, George Takei and Katie Couric joined in the former Secretary-of State’s criticism on Twitter, expressing their outrage and condemning Trump’s tweets as out of context.

Wow, you know you’re in trouble when George Takei comes after you. We’re not sure his administration can survive the onslaught. Meanwhile, guess who’s back on Twitter this morning:

That ought to occupy “The Resistance” for today.

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  1. ACME Inc. LLC on 5/05/17 at 7:12 am

    Columbo is on the case with Jacques Clouseau and they are trying to figure out a common link in all these attacks across Europe.