‘I think it is completely insane’: Elitist Manhattan Snobs Cancel School’s Party at Trump’s Wollman Rink

Posted by on Feb 17, 2017 at 10:25 am

We doubt any of these stuck-up snobs has any idea there would be no Wollman Rink in Central Park if it weren’t for Donald Trump.


New Yorkers were grateful when Donald J. Trump finished ahead of schedule and under budget in renovating the Wollman Memorial Rink, where the city had spent six years and $12 million trying to produce ice.

But even the Trump Organization, which controls a network of real estate developments and management corporations, did not expect to make a profit.

Yesterday, on a wet spring morning that would have been three months from the scheduled completion date if the city had not relinquished the project in Central Park, Mr. Trump announced that he had made a profit.

For nearly 30 years now, New Yorkers have enjoyed the rink, but now some twits have to go ruin the fun for children.

An elite Manhattan prep school has scrapped its annual ice-skating party at Trump Wollman Rink in Central Park after liberal parents complained about the event.

Parents at The Dalton School reportedly refused to send their kids in protest against the president, forcing the school to pull the plug on the event.

The Parents Association sent out a letter on Thursday announcing that the ‘Dalton on Ice’ event had been cancelled.

Staff at the $40,000-a-year institution said ‘it would not be financially prudent’ to hold the party because of ‘significantly lower attendance.’

Dalton’s PA president, LaMae DeJongh, declined to comment when approached by the New York Post, but the newspaper reports that sources said the decline in numbers was down to anti-Trump sentiment among parents at the exlusive private school.

The Upper East Side school boasts a host of famous alumni including CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, actresses Claire Danes and Jennifer Grey, and fashion designer Jill Stuart.

‘I think it is completely insane,’ one Dalton parent who disagrees with the protest told the New York Post.

‘Like him or not, it feels like a strange place for New Yorkers to protest. And sad that kids now have no skating party.’

While another Dalton parent told the newspaper that a clique of anti-Trump ‘liberal moms’ had pressured the headmaster to call off the event.

Sorry, kids, some parents have emotional issues and can’t handle reality, so no fun for you!

This is so sad and pathetic, but entirely predictable with these bigoted liberals. Hope they’re enjoying the attention they’re now getting.

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  1. Night Flyer (Force Field) on 17/17/17 at 12:50 pm

    United…just like the early 1860s.
    Resistance? Bwahahah! Nothing like some pampered pantywaist punk pussies whining about how terribly oppressed they are.
    Waaa waa Hilly lost and I want a revolution before my trust fund runs out.
    Boo hoo hoo.