How Convenient: Vulnerable Senate Dems Avoiding Staged Townhall Tantrums

Posted by on Feb 24, 2017 at 8:39 am

The media won’t even mention the antics at townhall events recently have largely been ginned up by Democrats and assorted Obama minions as the blindsided left tries to regain some political footing. With Democrats having to defend 23 Senate seats next year, isn’t it curious that vulnerable senators are avoiding these staged protests?

Probably because they’re in on the fix.

From Montana to West Virginia, the nation’s most vulnerable Senate Democrats are avoiding town hall meetings as their Republican counterparts get pummeled by an energized electorate frustrated with President Donald Trump’s early agenda.

Again, these are clearly coordinated events designed to make the GOP look bad, although they should begin fighting back and pointing this out more forcefully.

Some Democrats prefer to connect with constituents over the telephone or social media. Others are meeting voters in controlled environments with limited opportunities to ask questions. But few of the 10 Democratic senators facing re-election next year in states carried by Trump have scheduled in-person town hall meetings during this week’s congressional recess.

Weird, huh? Don’t forget they’re in red states where Trump won mostly in double digits, but they’re scurrying for cover, hoping the agitators and media do the dirty work for them.

Regular profiles in courage, guys.

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill declined an invitation to attend a town hall organized by a group called Kansas City Indivisible this weekend, deciding to send a staff member in her place. The two-term senator, up for re-election next year in a state Trump won by nearly 19 percentage points, is scheduled to chat with voters next week on Facebook Live.

“Seems to me that all these members of Congress are afraid to face their constituents,” said Hillary Shields, a volunteer organizer with the Kansas City group.

The cautious approach comes as Senate Democrats work to limit risks ahead of a challenging 2018 election season. After claiming the Senate majority in 2014, Republicans could win a filibuster-proof 60-vote Senate majority next year in an election in which Democrats are defending 25 seats (23 held by Democrats, two by independents) — 10 in states carried by Trump.

There’s the bad news for the Democrats. Despite all the tantrums and meltdowns, chances of them regaining the Senate (forget the House for now) are slim, so clearly the strategy is to thwart Trump at every opportunity.

Now as Trump implements his agenda while they’re powerless to stop it, the media will ignore every success and victory and obsess over tweets.

It’s a good reminder for Republicans that the fight is never over. The left wants to crush and ruin you, so always be on offense.

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2 Responses to “How Convenient: Vulnerable Senate Dems Avoiding Staged Townhall Tantrums”

  1. Dee Plorable on 24/24/17 at 2:45 pm

    The so called rubes in flyoverstan know the Communist Party USA aka democrat rat pieces of shit are behind all the trouble.
    Devotees of the half breed mongrel bath house queer community organizer will be a thorn in the side of Trump every day.

  2. Darwin Akbar on 25/25/17 at 9:20 am

    Gutless cowards. Reminds me of the Obamacare debacle when my gutless, one-term cowardly Democrat weasel Congress-critter refused to hold any public meetings. She did one “town hall teleconference,” which was announced one hour in advance and rigged to keep people like me from getting through. Even the loathsome Alan Grayson at least had the guts to hold a live event, although those outside his district were barred.