Hillary Clinton on So-Called ‘Dreamers’: ‘Well, they should be sent back’

Posted by on Sep 08, 2017 at 7:32 am

Weird how this never came up during her failed presidential campaign.

As Hillary Clinton begins a book tour to promote her 2016 campaign autopsy “What Happened,” video has begun to swirl online of a 2014 interview between her and CNN’s Christiane Amanpour to promote her previous book, “Hard Choices.”

During the exchange, Clinton had some tough words for the children of illegal immigrants — telling Amanpour that the United States was a nation of laws and that they probably had to go.

“We have to send a clear message, just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay,” said Clinton “So, we don’t want to send a message that is contrary to our laws or will encourage more children to make that dangerous journey.”

The footage comes roughly two years after President Obama created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals by Executive Order.

“So, you’re saying they should be sent back now?” Amanpour inquired.

“Well, they should be sent back as soon as it can be determined who responsible adults in their families are, because there are concerns whether all of them should be sent back,” said Clinton. “But I think all of them who can be should be reunited with their families.”

Clearly this monster is a racist fascist who hates brown people. Oddly, this doesn’t jibe with her more recent pandering:

This begs the obvious question:

It’s almost as if this empty pantsuit has no core beliefs other than enriching herself off the stupid.

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