Good News: NYPD May Be Ignoring ‘Sanctuary City’ Nonsense

Posted by on Apr 03, 2017 at 7:53 am

Despite their clown mayor, it appears the police in New York are ignoring the big buffoon’s pledge to keep the city as a so-called “sanctuary” for illegal alien criminals.

The NYPD alerts federal immigration agents to the Criminal Court appearances of immigrants facing deportation, the Daily News has learned.

As a “sanctuary city,” the city currently only complies with Immigration and Customs Enforcement “detainer” orders to hold a defendant until federal agents can take custody in cases involving violent or serious felonies.

But in the process of verifying warrants against a defendant, officials said the NYPD will contact relevant law enforcement, including ICE, thereby alerting the agency to an immigrant’s upcoming appearance in a city courtroom.

Advocates slammed the practice, saying it amounts to “collusion” with immigration officials that goes against the spirit of Mayor de Blasio’s pledge that the city will remain a sanctuary city.

Public defenders representing two men in ICE’s cross hairs during separate court appearances in Queens told The News they were stunned to learn the NYPD communicated with the federal agency about both men before they appeared before a judge.

On March 2, an NYPD administrative aide noted in the Central Booking system that he had “notified ICE” about the arrest of David Gonzalez, 51, screenshots obtained by The News show. The deported felon had reentered the U.S. and faced misdemeanor charges of allegedly rubbing against a woman on the No. 7 train.

On March 15, the same administrative aide noted he was “awaiting call from local ICE office” regarding Milton Chimborazo, 35, who faced burglary charges. He had a standing deportation order.

In both cases, screenshots show the city did not comply with ICE “detainer” orders. Instead, immigration agents just showed up to court.

ICE took Gonzalez into custody after a judge released him. He was awaiting deportation last week. ICE inquired about Chimborazo but chose not to arrest him for reasons that are unclear.

“I think it really is outrageous,” said Lori Zeno, co-founder and deputy director of Queens Law Associates. “We’re supposed to be a sanctuary city. What does it mean if our own court system is participating in turning folks in to ICE?”

It means they’re looking out for the citizens of New York, unlike you, you insipid twit. Maybe, just maybe people are sick and tired of illegals roaming free, which is why people are fleeing New York in droves.

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One Response to “Good News: NYPD May Be Ignoring ‘Sanctuary City’ Nonsense”

  1. Darwin Akbar on 5/05/17 at 1:56 am

    Some NYC council-person is supposedly trying to draft legislation to bar ICE agents from NYC courthouses.
    Apparently, someone thinks they can ban a federal agent from a public building.