Flashback: Al Franken Rallies the Crowd at Women’s March After Party

Posted by on Nov 16, 2017 at 2:01 pm

We should have figured he was one of these male feminist predators. Wonder if he bumped into Harvey Weinstein while he was there?

Hours after the streets of Washington had emptied of the masses of protesters taking part in Saturday’s women’s march, many of the marchers were back on their feet. This time, they were partying.

Celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson, who had earlier spun on the Mall, whipped up the dance floor at the Rise Up! celebration at the Hamilton, opening her set with a hip-hop tune whose chorus was “F— Donald Trump” before seguing into Janet Jackson’s “Nasty,” in honor of Trump’s famous insult of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

“The White House press secretary says there’s no one here,” Sen. Al Franken told partygoers, riffing on the White House’s inflation of the attendance numbers at President Trump’s inauguration the day before. “So it should be easy to get a drink.”

Though he opened with a joke, the Minnesota Democrat’s message quickly turned serious — after all, this was the kind of crowd for whom a discourse on the confirmation hearings for education secretary made for good cocktail-party chitchat. “We have a lot of fighting to do,” he said, to cheers.

Good times. There was “massive applause for the latest Democrat predator.

Two performers who received the most applause of the night came all the way from the Senate: Cory Booker and Al Franken. Both vocal opponents of Trump, the two senators made a few jokes and spoke about the importance of Planned Parenthood and peaceful protests. When Franken walked onstage to thunderous claps, he laughed and told the crowd, “This surprises me because the White House press secretary just told us nobody was here!” And when Booker ascended the stage, he shouted out the “great American prophet, Chris Rock” before launching into a tender tale of an elderly woman he knows in Newark, New Jersey, who inspired him to “let us stay faithful.” He told the venue, “We have to understand that what defines us is not what happens to us. It’s the way we respond.”

That was probably T-Bone’s mother. Meanwhile, Democrats are circling the wagons, of course.


One Response to “Flashback: Al Franken Rallies the Crowd at Women’s March After Party”

  1. MikeyParks on 16/16/17 at 3:59 pm

    We can’t let this Franken thing take our eyes off the ball, i.e., getting our hands on that yearbook and proving it to be faked. The longer we wait, the greater the chance that it will disappear. That yearbook is the smoking gun that will free Roy Moore from this attempted assassination.