Feelgood Moment of the Year: Anti-Trump Protester Takes a Tear-Gas Canister Shot to the Nuts

Posted by on Aug 23, 2017 at 6:47 am

So in a shocking turn of events last night in Phoenix, the angry, violent left showed up to cause trouble because they’re obsessed with hatred of President Trump. Of course after his speech the criminals began rioting, but the Phoenix police didn’t mess around. This may be one of the funniest moments ever capture on video.

Anti-Donald-Trump protests turned into skirmishes with police in Phoenix on Tuesday, as cops unloaded on the crowds gathered outside his rally with tear gas.

In one wince-inducing moment screened on CBS5 and captured on Twitter, one protester – clad in a gas mask – kicked a canister of tear gas back at police.

Seconds later a cloud of dust mushroomed up from his groin and he doubled up in agony.

‘A guy just got shot with a rubber bullet,’ remarked one host, as the other lapsed into a pained silence.

‘So… er… yeah, the officers are not, are not messing around at all,’ the host stuttered as the stricken protester was dragged away by an ally.

He was just one of many caught up in the post-rally violence, as cops used nonlethal methods to disperse crowds who had thrown rocks and bottles at them.

The unrest broke out after Trump swung through the city for a rally designed to fire up his base – which it did, his fans vastly outnumbering anti-Trump protesters.

Supporters and opponents alike gathered in the 107-degree heat, but it was only after the rally that violence broke out.

Police say that protesters threw water bottles and rocks at their lines, causing them to respond in kind with tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and pepper balls.

We hope and pray this moron comes forward so we can point and laugh at him some more. Here’s a slo-mo breakdown as the leftist freak goes down hard:

Bringing us full circle, he’s helped from the scene by a guy in a Colin Kaepernick jersey. Too funny:

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  1. dahozho on 23/23/17 at 9:54 am

    “….so I grabbed my head!…”

    Hopefully, this is one Leftist who will not be reproducing.