Erased from History: Trump Slogans Vanish from HS Yearbook Photos

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Let’s just pretend some kids wore Obama logos on their t-shirts for their high school yearbook photos and the name Obama was airbrushed out. Just contemplate the nationwide freakout before reading this.

A New Jersey high school has censored out mentions of Donald Trump in their yearbook and now the school is investigating the ‘possible violation of First Amendment rights’.

One student at Wall Township High School in New Jersey had submitted a Donald Trump quote that wasn’t included with her picture.

Two others had Trump logos on their clothes either cropped or edited out of their pictures.

Now those students’ parents are calling for the yearbooks to be re-issued and the school superintendent Cheryl Dyer has said she is looking into ‘an allegation of censorship and the possible violation of First Amendment rights’, according to

Montana Dobrovich-Fago, the freshman class president, had submitted a Donald Trump quote to go beneath her picture.

But when she got her yearbook on Wednesday, the quote wasn’t there, even though the other class presidents were included, even the senior class president’s quote by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

She told WABC her submitted quote was: ‘I like thinking big, if you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big. By Donald Trump.’

Montana says she submitted the quote on time, but it still didn’t show up.

Her brother Wyatt, a junior, wore a sweater vest with a Trump logo to picture day, but when he got his yearbook, the small logo had been cropped out.

At first he thought it wasn’t anything to worry about, but when he found out his sister’s quote hadn’t been included, he told WABC he thought: ‘That’s kind of crazy, two things against Trump in a way.’

Another junior, Grant Berardo wore a navy blue Make America Great Again t-shirt with a much larger logo to picture day.

When he got his yearbook, the logo had been completely blacked out, even though plenty of other students’ logos were not.

Grant’s father, Joseph Berardo, said they made sure there were no dress code restrictions before the junior wore his shirt.

‘It was the first election he took an interest in, and it was an interesting way to memorialize it,’ Berardo told the New York Post.

‘I thought it was pretty cool that this guy was running for president,’ Grant told, speaking about Trump.

But in this new age of groupthink, you went with the wrong guy, kids, and your moral and intellectual superiors are just teaching you a lesson in diversity or something.

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One Response to “Erased from History: Trump Slogans Vanish from HS Yearbook Photos”

  1. watch out for that memory hole on 13/13/17 at 3:09 pm

    Not even allowed to have some pride in the fact that a local made it to the presidency. No NJ Guido jokes today and it is located right next to NY.
    Groupthink is so lame. Who would want to live in a world where everyone has the same opinions.