Eight Arrested After ‘Lone Wolf’ London Attack

Posted by on Mar 23, 2017 at 7:52 am

Apparently this wolf wasn’t all that lonely.

The terrorist who killed three and injured at least 29 in yesterday’s Westminster attack was British born and had previously been investigated by MI5.

The ‘lone wolf’ jihadist, described by witnesses as ‘Asian and in his forties’, has not been named by police while investigations continue into any possible associates.

Asian, huh? Must be some nutty Korean guy.

But, giving a statement in the Commons today, Prime Minister Theresa May said the man was a British citizen who was known to the police and security services and had been investigated some years ago over violent extremism.

Mrs May said he was a ‘peripheral’ figure, adding: ‘He was not part of the current intelligence picture’. She told MPs there was ‘no prior intelligence’ of his intent.

Nonetheless, officials will be braced for questions over what they knew about the assailant and decisions taken when he first appeared on the radar.

Mrs May’s statement came after armed police arrested eight people and raided six properties in London and Birmingham, where three people were detained in a flat thought to have been lived in by the killer.

Dozens of officers wearing body armour ran into the address on Hagley Road, Birmingham late yesterday evening. A neighbour said he believes the flat is the home of the Westminster attacker.

A local resident said he thinks two men lived in the flat and he had heard one of them speaking on the phone in what he described as an ‘Arabic or Pakistani’ accent.

The neighbour added: ‘It’s a cheap area [to live]. People come and go all the time.’

A local shopkeeper says he believes the three people who were arrested were Romanian workers living in the same building.

The greatest concern, of course, is Islamophobia:

OK, sweetie. Meanwhile, NBC already is frothing that this will help the “right wing” or something.

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