Dopey Dems Bringing Illegal Aliens to Joint Session of Congress; Trump Invites Families of Those Killed by Illegals

Posted by on Feb 28, 2017 at 7:55 am

Let’s be honest, did you think Democrats were planning to act like mature adults tonight?

When President Donald Trump makes his first address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night, at least four undocumented immigrants whose temporary legal status could be revoked will be in the House watching him speak.

Aaima Sayed, a Muslim-American whose parents brought her to the U.S. when she was three years old, has been invited as a guest of the second-highest ranking Senate Democrat, Dick Durbin of Illinois.

Sayed, now a third-year medical student at Loyola University, qualifies for permission to live and work in the U.S. under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program put in place in 2012 by President Barack Obama.

Rubbing it in the noses of Americans isn’t the best idea, but nobody ever accused Democrats of being too bright.

To be fair, these numbskulls probably aren’t aware of the latest illegal alien travesty, mostly because the national media scrupulously avoided this story.

The Bridgeport man accused of killing his girlfriend and sparking an Amber Alert when he took off with their 6-year-old daughter, was previously deported, immigration officials said.

“Oscar Obedio Hernandez, a citizen of El Salvador, was issued a Final Order of Removal by an immigration judge on Oct. 29, 2013,” said spokesman Shawn Neudauer. “He was removed from the United States by ICE officers in Hartford, CT on Nov. 27, 2013. He has prior felony convictions from 2002 for assault and threatening, as well as several misdemeanor convictions. ICE has placed an immigration detainer with the Bridgeport (Connecticut) Police Department.”

If Trump mentions the story it’ll probably be the first time Americans are made aware of it. Nonetheless, the president is countering the Democrat stupidity:

Maureen McCarthy Scalia will attend the speech, along with Jessica Davis and Susan Oliver — both widows of California police officers killed by an illegal immigrant in 2014.

The president is expected to highlight his campaign to deport illegal immigrants who have committed crimes in the United States.

It won’t be long until Democrats are sniveling about Trump “exploiting” grieving families. Whatever the case, expect tantrums and protests all day long, dutifully enabled by the media.

It’s all they’ve got.


3 Responses to “Dopey Dems Bringing Illegal Aliens to Joint Session of Congress; Trump Invites Families of Those Killed by Illegals”

  1. A Gorilla Driving a Pick-Up on 28/28/17 at 1:17 pm

    Comrade Barnie Sandlers just reported from his Cllinton Ca$h lakefront home that impeachment of Trump is on the table.
    It will be a glorious beautiful day when the communist party USA is no more.

  2. Zoomie on 1/01/17 at 6:10 pm

    I heard that amber alert when it went out. The suspect, Oscar Hernandez, was described as white rather than Hispanic. The black haired, brown-eyed Oscar Hernandez, was described as white.