Democrats are digging their own grave — and boosting Trump at the same time

Posted by on Feb 01, 2017 at 7:59 am

Let’s agree that President Trump’s travel ban on visitors from seven nations was a sensible idea hobbled by flaws, especially regarding green-card holders and dual citizens. Let’s also agree we haven’t seen a rollout this clumsy since the debut of ObamaCare, which was far more serious because it penalized millions of Americans while Trump’s order inconvenienced hundreds of foreign nationals.

Still, we can assume, based on past performance, that Trump will learn from the mistakes. His fierce determination to be a successful president cannot coexist with rookie blunders.

But what about the other players in the drama? Can we say the media will now correct its excess of bile and cover Trump as a legitimate president and not as an invasive species?

No, no, no. On the contrary, we must say that Trump aide Steve Bannon was on target when he called the Washington media “the opposition party.”

Don’t take his word for it. Stick a toe into the toxic sludge that passes for straight-news coverage in The Washington Post, The New York Times and others.

Look for the use of tell words like “Muslim ban” to describe an executive order that is no such thing. Look for hero worship of protesters, immigrants, refugees, lawyers rushing to the barricades and congressional critics.

Look, too, at the Twitter feeds of editors and reporters from those papers and the major networks. You’ll see their embrace of everything anti-Trump, further evidence they are part of a movement to obstruct the president, not cover him.

Consider, too, their rediscovered love for Republican Sen. John McCain, a man they ignored during the eight-year reign of their savior, Barack Obama. McCain is again the good maverick because he is bucking the media’s permanent enemy, Republicans.

Yet if the media is the opposition party, what is the Democratic Party? It’s supposed to be the loyal opposition, using checks and balances to restrain the president and the excess of one-party rule.

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One Response to “Democrats are digging their own grave — and boosting Trump at the same time”

  1. Archie's Bunker on 1/01/17 at 11:42 am

    Good, good, let the CPUSA flail away and be irrelevant for decades to come.
    All those rubes in flyover country now know how the comrades in the democrat party feel about them so good luck ever winning any state in the Heartland again democrats.
    It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of commie rat pieces of shit.