Democrat Mayor in Michigan: ‘Blacks do look like chimpanzees’

Posted by on Jan 18, 2017 at 12:27 pm

If this jerk was a Republican it would be national news. But another racist Democrat? Hey, let’s move on!

The mayor of a Michigan town was allegedly caught on tape making a series of obscene and racist comments about women and black people — and now a litany of public officials are now urging him to resign.

An exclusive report published Monday by Motor City Muckraker identified Warren Mayor Jim Fouts as the individual making crude statements in four short audio clips, including one in which a man said “blacks do look like chimpanzees” and another that contained him using the n-word.

A third clip purportedly contains the Democrat claiming that older women are “dried up,” while a fourth allegedly captured him calling them “mean, hateful dried-up c—s.”

Fouts has denied making the statements on Facebook, claiming the audio clips are part of a “tremendous effort” to force him out “by slander, by character assassination, lies and by out right [sic] condemnation of me.”

Fouts did not immediately return a request for comment on Wednesday.

“This is an attempt to reverse the 2015 election results when I won with 85% of the vote,” Fouts wrote on Facebook. “I won with 81% in 2011. This is despite solid evidence that I did nothing wrong whatsoever. My actions as Mayor have been inclusive and no one can deny that. We are the best run city in the state when it comes to police, fire, and fund balance. I will not resign. I will be here through at least 2019 as the people wanted me to.”

For his part, Fouts claims it’s fake. If so, whoever did it needs to face charges:

Fouts, meanwhile, claimed on Facebook on Dec. 20 that the “phony tape” was obviously altered. He claimed Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel manufactured the tape in connection with a longstanding feud between the two over what Fouts has said was illegal dumping at a park in Sterling Heights, according to the Detroit Free Press.


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