Democrat Implies Women at Fault for Sexual Assaults: ‘That’s the responsibility, I think, of the female’

Posted by on Oct 19, 2017 at 9:22 am

Let’s pretend for a minute a Republican male said something like this. We would never hear the end of it and, frankly, his career would be over. But Democrats can say and do anything and there are zero repercussions.

A Democratic congresswoman from Texas in a recent interview said she thinks women also have a responsibility to ward off sexual assault and harassment.

Rep. Eddie Bernie Johnson (D-Texas) made the comments during an interview with NBC DFW about disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein.

I grew up in a time when it was as much the woman’s responsibility as it was a man’s — how you were dressed, what your behavior was,” Johnson told the news outlet.

Oh, so they had it coming, eh?

“I’m from the old school that you can have behaviors that appear to be inviting. It can be interpreted as such. That’s the responsibility, I think, of the female. I think that males have a responsibility to be professional themselves.”

The cacophony of  feigned outrage would be so great it would even overshadow the phony outrage ginned up by that lunatic from Florida in the cowboy hat squabbling with Trump.

“I think we also need to start talking about the power that women have to control the situation. There’s law enforcement, you can refuse to cooperate with that kind of behavior. I think that many times, men get away with this because they are allowed to get away with it by the women,” Johnson said.

Sounds like a swipe at all the actresses now coming out against Democrat sugar daddy Harvey Weinstein.


5 Responses to “Democrat Implies Women at Fault for Sexual Assaults: ‘That’s the responsibility, I think, of the female’”

  1. MikeyParks on 19/19/17 at 11:56 am

    In the real world of biology, this might be true. In the PC world of social engineering, it’s preposterous.

  2. Deoxy on 19/19/17 at 2:44 pm

    Serious question: is there any significant amount of people (and especially women) who want to have to explicitly say they want to engage in sexual behaviour?

    Because currently, there are NO non-verbal, non-explicit ways to communicate such that are considered legally sufficient (and certainly not socially sufficient!) for any male object of desire to safely act on without being vulnerable to claims of sexual assault/rape (even years later).

    Nudity is clearly not enough (witness the red carpet dresses these days). Behaviour of any kind is insufficient. Heck, considering the guy who was thrown out of college for “sexual assault” for having the audacity to be passed out drunk when some women he wasn’t dating wanted to give him oral sex (and then did, without his knowledge or consent)…

  3. Micha Elyi on 19/19/17 at 4:13 pm

    “Oh, so they had it coming, eh?”–JWF

    I disagree with your characterization of Rep. Johnson’s remarks.

    It’s like this: if someone were passing out business cards marked “Sexy, sexy, sexy” in big letters, you’d conclude that they were selling sex, wouldn’t you? Well, JWF, what do you think females who wear sexy clothes intend to communicate to everyone who sees them? Rep. Johnson knows, why are you pretending to not see it, JWF?

    As dear Camille Paglia once said (I paraphrase from memory), when a woman wants to embark on sexual adventures as men do she must be prepared to accept the risk of a misadventure too, as men do.

    By the way, through her choice of costume Ms. Near-Nekkid is sexually harassing every man around. (Why isn’t cock-teasing a felony? Because the sexual harassment law that feminists make so much of is sexist, that’s why.) And unlike a man’s wolf whistle or sexy remark, hers is harassment that won’t shut up.

    Think about it.

  4. Darwin Akbar on 21/21/17 at 3:52 pm

    A Democrat Negress of Color must not be questioned. Check your privilege, you cracker mofo.