Delusional de Blasio Thinks He’s So Great “You’d Assume They’d be Having Parades Out in the Streets”

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To be fair there have been parades out in the streets, in particular where his supporters chant about killing cops and frying them like bacon. Outside of the far-left radicals, we don’t believe there’s anyone willing to have a parade for this delusional crackpot.

Mayor de Blasio claims he’s running the city so well that “you’d assume they’d be having parades out in the streets” — and insisted he’d be more popular if it weren’t for “the time in history.”

“When I think about how crime’s gone down for four years, graduation rates up, test scores are up, more jobs than ever in our history — I think, ‘Wow, just that quick profile, any candidate anywhere would want it,’ ” he boasted to New York magazine.

“You’d assume they’d be having parades out in the streets. But that’s not the time in history we’re living in,” he arrogantly added.

De Blasio’s job-approval rating plummeted over the summer to a 50 to 42 percent margin, according to a Quinnipiac University survey released in late July.

New Yorkers are split — 46 percent to 46 percent — on whether he deserves a second term, the poll found.

The mayor admitted he had made “missteps” and had “insufficiencies as a communicator” — but said New Yorkers were simply taking out their frustrations with the current economic climate on their leaders.

“The Great Recession, specifically, but really the decades of people being economically stagnant, deeply affected people’s views, understandably,” de Blasio said. “And the increased cost of living around here.”

Well, the “Great Recession” ended years before this oaf stumbled into office, but let’s not let facts intervene when you’re puffing yourself up. Then he returned to what he does best, whining and calling people racist.

The mayor directed some of his media ire squarely at The Post, saying it is primarily to blame for the “tabloid culture” that got Donald Trump elected president.

He said The Post and its parent company, News Corp., “provided Trump not only the platform but the language and the approach.”

Don’t anyone tell him it wasn’t just the News Corporation pushing Trump during the 2016 primary, but pretty much every other media outlet in the belief he was the easiest to beat in the general election.

“He riffs off them, they riff off him,” de Blasio said.

The mayor predicted that the backlash against Trump, whom he called “spoiled” and “profoundly racist,” would be the “death knell for tabloid journalism.”

“They’re not going to be around too much longer, in my opinion, but for a brief and sad moment, that negative, hateful, divisive tabloid culture, the same culture that vilified the word liberal, effectively, became too ascendant. It’s now crashing on the rocks,” he said.

It is? That’s news to us.


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