Cowardly SNL Honcho on Avoiding Weinstein Jokes: “It’s a New York Thing”

Posted by on Oct 09, 2017 at 7:48 am

Weird, but we recall President Trump hailing from New York, and that doesn’t prevent the weekly pile-on against him. This is just a pathetic excuse for avoiding goofing on one of his liberal buddies.

Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels has seemingly admitted the show chose not to roast Harvey Weinstein because the embattled film heavyweight is from New York.

When Michaels was asked as he was leaving SNL’s after-party at 4am why the show avoided the Weinstein controversy, the producer smiled and responded: ‘It’s a New York thing.’

So covering up for disgusting sexual predators is a New York thing? Or is it just a liberal New York thing?

The show had earlier been criticized for not mentioning the sexual harassment allegations leveled against Weinstein this week.

But has since learned that the cast did try out a Weinstein joke during dress rehearsal – it just never made it to air.

‘I remember a joke being made about him during weekend update… I don’t remember the joke, I just remember that it got a big reaction from the audience,’ an audience member revealed.

SNL regularly pokes fun of President Donald Trump and he has previously lashed out at the show for their impersonations of him.

Trump also hails from New York but that hasn’t stopped him from being a SNL target.

Social media users were quick to slam the show’s hypocrisy in not going after one of Hollywood’s biggest players following the allegations.

‘Why didn’t big mouth Michael Che say anything about Harvey Weinstein on SNL ‘Weekend Update’? He’s got so much opinion about everything else,’ Pastor Darrell Scott tweeted.

Another person tweeted: ‘That is why the political left is OK w/ abandoning but the celebrity left (SNL late night hosts) isn’t.’

Oddly enough, nobody is buying that excuse. Meanwhile, a former New York Time reporter said she had a story on Weinstein’s sleazy behavior back in 2004, but it was spiked after the slob showed up in the newsroom to complain. You think they’d give Trump the same leeway?

Speaking of media blackouts, none of our brave late night “comedy” hosts dared to utter Weinstein’s name until HBO’s John Oliver took a swipe at him Sunday night. Normally Twitter is abuzz with Oliver’s antics, but oddly enough most of the blue checkmark mafia seem to have missed the show.

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  1. John on 10/10/17 at 6:49 am

    Well he is correct Corruption and hypocrisy are well known traits of the New York political and elitist agendas.