Citing ‘Privacy’ Concerns, Twitter Didn’t Flag Pro-ISIS Tweet Four Hours Prior to Manchester Attack

Posted by on May 23, 2017 at 10:24 am

Unless this is just an amazing coincidence, it dues does look like some people had advance knowledge of the Manchester terrorist attack, and Twitter didn’t do a damn thing about it.

Twitter has refused to explain why a tweet which appeared to predict the Manchester Arena terror attack was not flagged up and passed to police.

Terrifyingly, two tweets appeared to predict the suicide bomb attack which killed 22 and wounded 119 others.

‘Are you forget our threat? This is the just terror,’ read one post at 6.32pm yesterday, hours before a nail and ball bearing explosive tore through the lobby of the venue where Ariana Grande was performing.

That’s almost exactly four hours prior to the bombing. Heck, people are routinely flagged for ridiculing so-called “Resistance” members, but a foreshadowing to a terror attack? Meh.

Twitter shut down 125,000 ISIS-linked accounts last year and said it was hiring more staff to police terrorist propaganda and improve ‘algorithms’ to find ‘hateful material’.

But today the social media giant would not comment on why the tweets that appeared to predict yesterday’s attacks were not flagged up.

A spokesman telling MailOnline: ‘Our policy is not to comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons.

‘However, we always endeavour to support law enforcement as per our guidelines and will continue to support the investigation of the UK authorities as and when required.’

Privacy and security reasons. Wonderful. What about the security of the 22 dead people today? Do they matter?


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One Response to “Citing ‘Privacy’ Concerns, Twitter Didn’t Flag Pro-ISIS Tweet Four Hours Prior to Manchester Attack”

  1. Anti-Social Media on 23/23/17 at 12:46 pm

    It is fun to joke about music for 14 year old girls and the time Ariana played the Taco Bell arena in Idaho made me laugh due to the old Taco Bell Grande that is long gone from taco smell menu but you have to be seriously sick in the head to want to harm her or concert goers.
    Twatter and Fakebook will continue to censor anyone not associated with the heroic “resistance” but everything else will be allowed.
    The Twatter founder apologized the other day for being a lame ass.
    He had a tear in his beer because Trump supporters learned how to harness Twatter during the 2016 (s)election.