Chardonnay-Drenched Lush Hillary Clinton Blames ‘Climate Change’ for Hurricanes and Wildfires

Posted by on Oct 10, 2017 at 7:35 am

We’ve had wildfires and hurricanes for millions of years, but apparently if you consume enough chardonnay you start to believe we have something to do with it.

Onstage, Clinton was forceful in articulating her points but shied away from making news. She stuck to familiar ground covered in other tour stops, including the things that helped her recover from a brutal race: grandchildren, yoga, long walks through the woods and “lots of Chardonnay.”

Nobody believes this pantload does yoga, but clearly she drinks too much. Not to mention she keeps repeating the same thing. Probably suffering blackouts.

Hillary Clinton said Thursday that she was devastated and drained after her loss to Donald Trump in 2016, but regained her strength by relying on a mix of prayer, yoga and “my fair share of Chardonnay.”

The only thing she’s praying for is for the chardonnay to not run out.

Hillary Clinton admitted Tuesday in Chicago that she had turned to the bottle — well, “the occasional glass of Chardonnay” at least — to help her get over her presidential election loss to Donald Trump.

“Occasional.” OK, Granndma, whatever you say. Then along came the idiocy:

“I drove here and I know about what’s going on with these terrible fires in Sonoma and Napa and across other parts of northern California and I just want to express my deep sympathy to everyone,” Clinton said, speaking to an audience at the University of California, Davis, on Monday night.

She hasn’t driven an automobile in 25 years, but whatever!

“It’s been a tough couple of weeks with hurricanes and earthquakes and now these terrible fires,” said Clinton. “So in addition to expressing our sympathy, we need to really come together to try to work to prevent and mitigate, and that starts with acknowledging climate change and the role that it plays in exacerbating such events,” Clinton said to applause.

There’s zero evidence to support her delusions, but of course nobody called her on it.


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2 Responses to “Chardonnay-Drenched Lush Hillary Clinton Blames ‘Climate Change’ for Hurricanes and Wildfires”

  1. Titus Greenwood on 10/10/17 at 10:32 am

    Scotch-slamming, failed Democrat presidential candidate Crooked Hillary Clinton, is a sorry excuse for a woman.

    Why does the Media even bother to quote her, or interview her? She has no ideas except to hit the bottle!

    Sorry and sad example of human waste.