CBS ‘News’ Bombshell: Improving Economy Leads to More Traffic Deaths, or Something

Posted by on May 25, 2017 at 8:12 am

Well, at least they’re admitting the economy is getting better (Thanks, Trump!), but this is just an insanely dumb story.

A new report says the improving economy has a downside: more traffic deaths. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says a stronger economy fuels more driving, leading to an increase in deadly crashes.

Know what else leads to more deaths? Bad driving, people texting and yakking on their phones, drunk driving, and driving tiny little tin cans disguised as automobiles.

The IIHS researchers analyzed fatal crash data collected by the federal government between 2012 and 2015. They found overall, smaller vehicles on the road don’t protect occupants the way that larger ones do, reports CBS News correspondent Anna Werner.

Mini and small cars topped the IIHS list of vehicles with the highest number of driver deaths. The Hyundai Accent sedan and the Kia Rio sedan, both mini cars, had the highest rate of deaths.

So using the logic of CBS ‘News’ we can say Kia and Hyundai are causing people to die. By the way, nowhere else in the story does it back up the assertion that a better economy leads to more traffic deaths because, let’s face it, CBS just made that up.

Here’s some genius commenting on the fake news:


Of course smaller cars produce more fatalities on average.   We could go back to the days when most cars weighed in over two tons and got 10 miles to the gallon.   I would rather have a little bit more risk and save the god damn planet.  Thank you anyway.

They want to save the “god damn planet” because they’ve been brainwashed to believe large autos are killing the planet and hey, what’s a little collateral damage while you’re saving the “god damn planet”?

The reactions here are a little more realistic.

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One Response to “CBS ‘News’ Bombshell: Improving Economy Leads to More Traffic Deaths, or Something”

  1. Vinnie The Wheel on 25/25/17 at 6:39 pm

    Here locally they built up the mega strip mall that runs on for over ten miles for both lanes and some places are going under.
    You can enter some of the strip malls while going in only one direction and those stores obviously don’t make it.
    Also people don’t have much money left after 8 years of the immaculate Dear Leader Messiah.
    It is improving but Trump has only been in about 5 months.
    As for those people texting or people who can’t carry on a conversation with a passenger and drive at the same time, I give them plenty of room.