Can we please be really truly done with Hillary?

Posted by on Mar 06, 2017 at 7:43 am

Why does Hillary Clinton continue to so capture the public imagination? Were there Republicans who couldn’t let go of John McCain or Mitt Romney after their respective losses?

Or Democrats who still viewed them as a threat? Hillary is different, for many reasons, but it’s long past time we let go of her — and the Clinton family in general — and that she lets us.

Perhaps paradoxically, Hillary has loomed so large in American politics because, unlike her husband Bill, she was forever on the ascendancy. “What is Hillary going to do next?” is a question asked again and again for over 20 years, since before her husband’s presidency even ended. After so long, it’s hard to stop asking that.

The Clintons certainly encourage the question. When rumors surfaced that Hillary might run for mayor of New York, there was no attempt from the Clinton camp to swat them down.

Their silence lent credibility to the speculation. Was Hillary Clinton, after having been US senator, secretary of state and (twice) Democratic presidential nominee, really going to primary fellow Democrat Bill de Blasio for the mayoralty of New York City? That’s the thing with the Clintons, though, you just can’t ever seem to rule anything out.

“But we need Hillary Clinton!” scream her adoring acolytes. Do you? For what? To tweet snarky quips at Trump? There are plenty of others who tweet sick burns at him, and do it far better. After Elizabeth Warren was reprimanded by the Senate for her personal attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Hillary tweeted: “ ‘She was warned, she was given an explanation, still she persisted.’ So must we all.”

Wow, really makes you think.

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One Response to “Can we please be really truly done with Hillary?”

  1. yes please on 6/06/17 at 11:19 am

    Let Granny Cankles run for a third time with esteemed party member comrade Barnie Sandlers so we can all laugh our asses off at the epic fail.