Bank Fraud Bernie’s Wife Claims So-Called ‘Sexism’ for FBI Investigation

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Is it sexist that these grifters have three houses while living off the public payroll?

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, is crying sexism against the man responsible for an FBI investigation into the allegations she fraudulently obtained a loan for the Vermont college she once oversaw.

“I find it incredibly sexist that basically he’s going after my husband by destroying my reputation, and that’s not OK,” Jane Sanders told The Boston Globe.

The FBI investigation began in early 2016 after Brady Toensing, a former official for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in Vermont and now a candidate for U.S. attorney in the state, filed a complaint alleging Jane Sanders committed bank fraud.

You could argue it would be sexist if they left her alone and didn’t investigate her possible crimes.

Toensing’s opposition research on Jane Sanders began in 2014, when the idea of Bernie Sanders’ eventual run for president made most Vermonters laugh. Late that summer, he approached a Vermont news outlet promising a juicy scoop. Jane Sanders had received a lucrative payout when she left the small, struggling college, he said.

A month later, attack ads appeared on local television that accused her of accepting a “golden parachute” from Burlington College even though her husband had criticized Wall Street executives for taking such payouts.

A little more than a year later, Toensing filed a complaint with the Vermont US attorney that requested an investigation into alleged bank fraud by Jane Sanders.

He accused the former college president of misleading a bank into financing the 2010 purchase of land to expand the Burlington campus. Jane Sanders, he said, had knowingly overstated the prospect of philanthropic pledges to obtain the loan.

“Ms. Sanders’s privileged status as the wife of a powerful United States Senator seems to have inoculated her from the robust underwriting that would have uncovered the apparent fraudulent donation claims she made,” his complaint says.

On the upside, most of the media is running fast from this story.

What has been reported by many but ignored by the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) is that Jane Sanders, the wife of Senator Bernie Sanders, is currently under an “accelerated” investigation by the FBI for bank fraud. And on Saturday, The New York Times was openly worried about what it could do for the Senator’s chances in upcoming elections. The investigation “is threatening to take some of the luster off the senator’s populist appeal,” wrote Yamiche Alcindor, national reporter for the paper.

“A federal investigation into a long-ago land deal by Senator Bernie Sanders’s wife is threatening to take some of the luster off the senator’s populist appeal, attaching the phrase ‘bank fraud’ to the biography of a politician practically sainted on the left for his stands against ‘millionaires and billionaires,’” she began her article whining.

The NYT reporter lauded Sanders for keeping the political momentum going following his failed presidential campaign, but bemoaned how “he has been shadowed by talk of a deepening investigation into his wife’s role in a 2010 land deal for a Vermont college that ultimately contributed to her ouster as its president.” Despite her claims that the accusations against Jane Sanders stem from “long-ago” in 2010, Burlington College’s woes continued until 2016 when it finally closed its doors.

That’s a fact Alcindor put off telling her readers until after half way through the piece.

The sexism allegation is quite pathetic, but what do you expect from these two greedy slobs?

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  1. Proletariat's Uncompromising War On Art on 17/17/17 at 10:12 am

    Silly wife of Comrade Kommissar Barnie Sandlers, she thought Hussein Hopenchange was going to declare himself El Presidente for life so there would be no repercussions for intentionally bankrupting Marxist U.