Wonderful: Trump Thug Says Cruz Delegates from Wyoming and Colorado ‘MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE’

Posted by on Apr 19, 2016 at 7:44 am

Ironically, these are the same morons who, like Trump, are complaining that some people aren’t allowed to vote. We wonder how long it’ll be before this goes down the memory hole.

Wanted: Teams to Stop Colorado/Wyoming Delegates from Attending Cleveland Convention in July!

We are urging groups in both states to organize and mobilize against this complete, blatant corruption, by making a stand. The delegates chosen in these states without any elections, MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE. Folks, it is too late to try to correct the processes that these sleazy politicians are using against us. We must find our own ways. Here is what we suggest…

Step #1. Create a database of all delegates in both states including name, address, tel #, and photo. To stop them, we need to know who they are. BTW, all the delegates in these states to our knowledge are committed to Cruz (without any input from WTP).

Step #2. Build a team of aggressive pro-Trump groups including bikers, truckers, unions, support groups, etc. and DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE MAKE IT TO CLEVELAND IN JULY.  Be creative. Find any legal means to see to it that they don’t even make it to the airport. Block streets with traffic jams. Find out their flights and hotels and figure out ways to cancel their tickets and reservations.

If you do not want this election to be stolen from us, you and your teams must take extremely aggressive actions. Please leave prevention ideas below as comments.

Gee, it’s almost as if they’re leftwing goons. If that’s not enough, go after their families!

The Forbes Group Wants a List of GOP Leaders/Delegates in Wyoming and Colorado!

The Forbes Group is seeking volunteers who are fed up with the gross corruption of the GOP in both Wyoming and Colorado, to compile a database of those leaders who have betrayed the people by denying them their right to vote, as well as all delegates who believe they can vote for whoever they decide they want on their own. The database should include names, addresses, tel #, digital photographs, place of employment, and family members, etc.

If you are outraged over this blatant defiance of our democracy, please form a team, compile the databases, and deliver this info to us via this email

Note: you do not need to live in WY or CO to form your team, and we may be forming teams in other states.

This idiot should not a lot of people in those states are armed.

Trump doesn’t even know the process. Why would his violent supporters? Oh, and since most everything about Trump and his campaign is fake, why not this clown?

Some curious background on this “Forbes” character here.

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One Response to “Wonderful: Trump Thug Says Cruz Delegates from Wyoming and Colorado ‘MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE’”

  1. xymbaline on 19/19/16 at 11:14 am

    Hey, you guys opened this can of worms. Obviously, you didn’t think it through.

    We played fair, letting the contests be decided by the voting populations of the states. The Delegates were merely supposed to do their jobs representing the will of the electorate.

    Well, you let the delegates themselves and their personal preferences become an important issue. Now you have to face what comes through the door you opened.

    I doubt that you’ll like it.