White Nationalists Flood Wisconsin With Pro-Trump Robocalls

Posted by on Apr 04, 2016 at 1:45 pm

Maybe Trump’s BFF Sean Hannity can ask Trump about this when he has him on for his nightly Trump Hour.

A white nationalist group flooded Wisconsin with robocalls supporting real estate mogul Donald Trump leading up to Tuesday’s primary.

Trump “will respect all women and help preserve western civilization,” the narrator says on the call. “If you vote for Donald Trump, he will be a fine president.”

The call says it was paid for by William Johnson, who the narrator describes as “a farmer and a white nationalist.” The ad also mentions two groups affiliated with Johnson, the American Freedom Party and the American National super PAC.

Johnson said Monday he spent about $6,000 on the call, which went to all Wisconsin landlines starting Saturday. He provided his cell phone number at the end of the call and said he took “hundreds and hundreds of calls” — both positive and negative — in response to the robocall.

He said the reaction was not as negative as it has been in other states, largely because the message was less controversial and the script was read by someone with a “sweet, grandmotherly voice.” The robocall makes only a brief mention about white nationalism, which Johnson said he felt was important.

“I want people to hear, to feel comfortable with, the term ‘white nationalist,'” said Johnson, a Los Angeles lawyer and persimmon farmer.

Audio of the call was provided to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by Jerry Bader, a Green Bay radio host who opposes Trump and recently emceed an event for rival Ted Cruz. Two Democrats — one in Milwaukee and one in Madison — told the newspaper they also received the robocall.

What vile people.

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