While Rubio and Cruz shine, Trump continues his clown show

Posted by on Feb 18, 2016 at 7:38 am

Two remarkably impressive candidates (and Ben Carson, who’s whatever) made dazzling impressions Wednesday night at CNN’s town hall. Meanwhile, Donald Trump rode in his clown car for an hour on MSNBC.

Marco Rubio staged a master class on reformist conservative policy in one of the most substantive presentations on American politics ever broadcast on television.

For his part, Ted Cruz eloquently staked his claim to the mantle of anti-Establishment conservative confrontationalism and hammered home his arguments against Rubio’s supposed prevarications on immigration and Donald Trump’s ludicrous lawsuit against him for running an attack ad.

Meanwhile, sitting with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, Trump blathered incoherent solipsistic nonsense and even admitted (at a confused moment) that he supported the retention of ObamaCare.

But hey, guess who’s going to win in South Carolina on Saturday?

The tragedy of the 2016 race in the Republican party was on manifest display in the stark and horrifying contrast between the MSNBC comedy special and the two tours de force (and Ben Carson, who’s nice) on CNN.

We all talk about what a great communicator Trump is, and clearly there’s something to that, but what’s also true is he can’t complete a coherent sentence on any substantive matter.

He even claims we are losing some kind of trade war with Japan, a nation that has been in the economic doldrums for 25 years. It’s hard to listen to him if you know, like, anything.

Cruz and Rubio are among the most impressive explicators of policy and politics in recent American history.

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One Response to “While Rubio and Cruz shine, Trump continues his clown show”

  1. Horny the Clown on 18/18/16 at 7:46 am

    Trump will be laughing with us when Hilly gets elected.
    Republicunts won’t even exist as a party in four years.
    He’ll be stomping in his clown shoes and laughing with a big red nose and honking horn, ahahaha! Oh and he’ll still have more money and a hotter wife than you’ll ever have.
    Suck it establishment RINO GOP sellout whores.