Unprecedented Transparency: State Department to Release 550 Clinton Emails Over Holiday Weekend

Posted by on Feb 11, 2016 at 7:35 am

This is how these criminals operate. They disregard court orders, then when they comply it’s usually Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, or now on President’s Day weekend. Oh well, at least we know this particular criminal will never be celebrated on future President’s Days.

The State Department will release 550 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private sever this weekend, under pressure from a federal judge who earlier this week appeared visibly annoyed at its delayed efforts.

In a court filing late on Wednesday night, State Department official Eric Stein told the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia that department staffers have made “significant progress” on preparing the emails for release.

As a result, the department will now be able to release the roughly 550 emails — which represent roughly 14 percent of the 3,700 remaining Clinton emails — on Saturday, in the middle of the three-day Presidents’ Day weekend. The department had previously said that it could not release the emails until late next week.

Oh, so only 3,150 to go. They’ll now be scheduled for Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends. For transparency purposes or something.

If only her socialist opponent for the Democratic nomination would capitalize on this.

Releasing the emails on Saturday “provides time to address any additional problems that may arise,” Stein wrote, “as have occurred in the past at this final stage in the process.”

The Obama administration is already more than a week behind schedule on the emails, which were all supposed to have been released by Jan. 29.

Wait, the Obama administration is involved here? But they’re remarkably scandal-free. Must just be some coincidence they’re helping cover up Grandma’s mess.

“Posting documents on State’s FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] website involves several steps, and State’s ability to efficiently carry out these steps is sometimes limited by the available technology and by the availability of personnel who are sufficiently familiar with the technology,” Stein wrote. “The FOIA system where the documents reside … can be extremely rigid and slow, making the necessary steps in the process more time-consuming than one might otherwise expect.”

Remember when they told us this was the most-tech-savvy administration ever? Yeah, good times.

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    The cankles pic with this post reminds me of Max Headroom. Someone who is good with cgi from the movie industry should make Shilly into a Max Headroom graphic with slow speech, various fake phony accents and dog barks.