Unaccountable President Scolds Media for Not Holding Candidates Accountable

Posted by on Mar 29, 2016 at 8:01 am

Never in our history has anyone gotten more of a free pass than this clown. He’s spied on reporters, waged war on Fox News for seven years, has received endless, adoring lapdog coverage to this day and now he’s got the balls to lecture the media about holding candidates accountable.

We’re going to need a bigger irony meter.

President Obama late Monday scolded members of the media for their coverage of the 2016 presidential race, calling on them to not “dumb down the news” in a campaign with headlines dominated by businessman Donald Trump.

“It’s worth asking ourselves what each of us – as politicians or journalists, but most of all, as citizens – may have done to contribute to this atmosphere in our politics,” Obama said during the Toner Prize journalism awards ceremony in Washington, D.C., decrying the tone of the campaign.

“It’s always been rough and tumble. But when our elected officials and our political campaign become entirely untethered to reason and facts and analysis, when it doesn’t matter what’s true and what’s not, that makes it all but impossible for us to make good decisions on behalf of future generations,” Obama said.

He’s apparently too dim-witted to realize the media’s slobbering over Trump is by design, intended to get him nominated before they go nuclear on him for the general election. Isn’t this obvious to most people already?

Seven-plus years into his term and the media is basically still acting as Obama stenographers.

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