Unabomber Not a Big Fan of al Qaeda’s Strategy, Preferred Hillary Clinton to Obama in 2008

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Honestly we’re surprised this guy isn’t a guest author for Salon or the Huffington Post already.

The Unabomber became obsessed with al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden after 9/11 and would beg for information of the terrorist organisation, his correspondence reveals.

Ted Kaczynski wrote to pen pals from federal prison in Florence, Colorado asking for more information about bin Laden and the origins of al-Qaeda in the wake of the 2001 attack.

He became fascinated by the terrorist organisation, but criticized al-Qaeda’s ‘apparently stupid strategy’ in its war on the U.S. and the West.

‘If al-Qaeda’s goal is what al-Qaeda pretends it is, namely the collapse of the U.S., or maybe of the West as a whole, their strategy seems inexplicably obtuse,’ he wrote in a January 2002 letter.

‘They ought to have realized that proclaiming themselves to be enemies of America as such and engaging in indiscriminate mass slaughter of Americans, they could only earn the hatred of all.’

He added that al-Qaeda would have been ‘far more effective’ if the terrorist group had declared a ‘friendship for the American people and waged war on the American state and its ruling elite.

‘That way al-Qaida might have won the sympathy of some Americans,‘ he concludes.

Little does he realize they did. Well, at least he didn’t say fire can’t melt steel, so there’s that. Meanwhile, this terrorist is a fan of the current Democrat frontrunner, who ironically  may also become a convicted felon.

In 2010, Kaczynski engaged in a long back-and-forth with students at Huntingdon College in Alabama about the power of Facebook and how public figures like WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange and the late conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart used the Internet to gain influence.

But he admitted he didn’t know what YouTube was or what it meant to go ‘viral.’

He also reveals that he preferred Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic presidential race.

The papers reveal that Kaczynski remains strongly opposed to technology.

Well, he never left his liberal roots behind.

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