UCLA Gunman Had Kill List, Including Woman Found Dead in Minnesota

Posted by on Jun 02, 2016 at 12:27 pm

Well, this sure has taken an even uglier turn.

A woman on a “kill list” in UCLA gunman Mainak Sarkar’s home has been found dead in Minnesota, Los Angeles’ police chief said Thursday.

Police in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, said in a statement that officers found a woman who died of an apparent gunshot wound.

The officers found the woman while conducting a welfare check requested by the LAPD.

Hmm. How many others are on his list?

Chief Charlie Beck told the KTLA television station that a victim was found shot to death in Minnesota after authorities found information in Mainak Sarkar’s home that led them to her.

“That person was shot,” Beck said. “The connection is very strong. We still have to do the various ballistic tests … but it’s very strong.”

“It was a list that made the readers believe it was a list of people he was going to kill. She was on the list,” he added.

He said Sarkar resided in Minnesota and drove from his home to the UCLA campus, armed with two handguns. Authorities identified Sarkar Thursday as the gunman in Wednesday’s incident, which killed professor William Klug.

While we’re here, we may as well note his religion:

Update: Looks like that’s bogus.

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