Trump’s Third Wife Wishes Idiot Husband Would Stop Tweeting

Posted by on Apr 21, 2016 at 8:11 am

In a rare television appearance today, the Trump klan appeared en masse on the Today Show. If only these people could get more television airtime. Oh well, that’ll dry up completely if the media gets their wish and has this drooling moron as the GOP nominee.

The barking clown has a penchant for saying idiotic things on Twitter and his latest wife lamented his idiocy:

In a town hall interview with the Trump family on the Today show, Matt Lauer asked the potential first lady what one bad habit she wishes her husband would quit.

‘Let’s see…tweeting,’ Melania said, as her husband burst out laughing.

But that would deprive us of so much comic material. Keep tweeting, Pumpkinhead.

The eldest Trump son says that his father shows a ‘sense of humor’ when playing golf with his 20-month-old son.

‘It’s a special moment and it’s really incredible to watch. It’s a totally different side that no one gets to see.’

A 20-month-old playing golf? These really are amazing people.

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