Trump’s New York Supporters Shocked at His Deranged Attacks on Heidi Cruz

Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 at 7:45 am

Why are supporters of this unhinged nutcase surprised at anything he does? He’s clearly mentally unstable and becomes more and more unstable by the day.

A wave of pessimism engulfed Donald Trump’s New York supporters over the weekend as key members of his statewide organization expressed shock at his attack on Ted Cruz’s wife and fears that he is behind an unsubstantiated claim that Cruz had affairs with five women.

“Everyone has been waiting for months for Donald to become more presidential, and unfortunately, he appears to be going in the opposite direction,’’ one of Trump’s most prominent New York supporters told The Post.

“We understood in the early days when he was trying to differentiate himself from the rest of the pack of candidates that he had to do certain things, but why is he now doubling down on that sort of crap, starting with his talking about the size of his penis and now ending up attacking Cruz’s wife and the stuff about alleged affairs?’’ the Trump supporter continued.

A second Republican official, also citing Trump’s attack on Cruz’s wife, Heidi, said, “I wish Trump would just shape up and start acting more presidential.’’

Good luck with that.

Both sources said they feared that Trump’s actions, which included a threat to “spill the beans’’ on Heidi, would likely cost him support among Republican voters, especially women, in New York’s April 19 primary.

Polls show female voters are increasingly alienated from Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump’s lead in Caliifornia, where the primary isn’t scheduled until June 7, has vanished.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump holds a razor-thin lead over rival Ted Cruz in California, according to a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times statewide poll.

Among likely June primary voters, Trump leads Cruz by just 1 point, 36 to 35 percent. John Kasich falls far behind at 14 percent.
Trump, however, got 30 percent support among registered Republicans surveyed in California, according to the poll. Cruz got 30 percent and Kasich received just 12 percent support.

Low turnout could hurt Trump and help Cruz, the Times reported.

As Trump unravels further by the time the California primary rolls around he may have already been institutionalized as mentally incapacitated.

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One Response to “Trump’s New York Supporters Shocked at His Deranged Attacks on Heidi Cruz”

  1. Neo on 28/28/16 at 10:00 am

    Some people seem to think that all of these sounds bad …

    John Kerry Says World Leaders Are ‘Shocked’ … by GOP Campaign Rhetoric

    “Everywhere I go, every leader I meet, they ask about what is happening in America,” Kerry told CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday. “They cannot believe it. I think it is fair to say that they’re shocked. They don’t know where it’s taking the United States of America. And to some degree I must say to you, some of the questions, the way they’re posed to me, it’s clear to me that what’s happening is an embarrassment to our

    The author then proceeds to cast blame …
    Although he didn’t mention anyone by name, it seemed evident Kerry was referring to the rhetoric in the GOP camp …

    … but this seems to be a perfect description of the aftermath of Barack Obama’s foreign policy.
    I mean, there have been reports of European diplomats asking visiting Americans if our President is “insane.”