Trump Sued by Jamaican Model After He Stiffed Her on Promised Pay, Said She Felt Like a ‘Slave’

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Guess we can add “Trump Model Management” to the long litany of failed Trump scams. How is it possible to fail at football, water, steak, gambling and now modeling? Is there anything this orange blowhard is good at other than running his mouth?

Donald Trump is being sued by a Jamaican model who claims his agency brought her into the country on a special visa and promised to pay her $75,000 a year – but ultimately paid her less than $4,000 for three years’ work.

Alexia Palmer is accusing Trump Model Management LLC of lying to the federal government in its work-visa application that said she would be paid a $75,000-a-year salary while living in the United States, according to court documents.

Instead, according to court papers, Palmer received a total of $3,880.75 during the three years she was under contract with the agency.

A judge will decide by the end of this month whether to proceed with a proposed class action lawsuit filed by Palmer, the judge’s office said. 

The complaint alleges ‘fraudulent misrepresentation’ and violations of U.S. immigration and labor laws. It asks for $225,000 in back pay.

Hmm, violation of immigration and labor laws? Can’t wait to hear the insults he hurls her way if anyone dares to mention this to him.

A decision on a pending motion by Trump Model Management to dismiss is expected by the end of March, the clerk for Judge Analisa Torres, who is presiding over the case in the U.S District Court, Southern District, told Reuters.

If Torres rules the case can proceed, it could revive attention on the GOP frontrunner’s foreign labor practices at a time when the celebrity billionaire’s rise in American politics has riveted the world’s attention. 

Trump’s lawyers have called the case ‘frivolous’ and ‘without merit.’ 

Palmer said he felt like a slave.

A Jamaican-born fashion model is taking on Donald Trump, saying the modeling agency owned by the presidential candidate lured her to New York to work at age 17 with the promise of riches and fame and then treated her “like a slave.”

The model, Alexia Palmer, said in a lawsuit against the agency that she received only $3,880 plus cash advances totaling $1,100 over a three year period, even though Trump Model Management filed immigration documents to obtain a special work visa, called an H-1B, for Palmer, certifying she would work “full-time” and earn $75,000 a year.

“That’s what slavery people do,” Palmer told ABC News. “You work and don’t get no money.” The agency took 80 percent of her earnings as expenses and fees but only found her 21 shoots over three years. And under the terms of her visa, she could not work anywhere else if she wanted to stay in the U.S.

If Trump supporters think the media’s been unfair, they can expect stories like this every day if h’s the nominee. They’ll regret their existence. Meanwhile, is Trump Models just another in a long line of Trump scams? Sure looks like it.

Consumer Question/Comment

Why is it perfectly fine for Donald Trump at Trump Models ( to charge models over $1,000.00 for composite cards and photos (Test Shoots) but it seems to be a scam if anyone else does it?


It’s not a scam if all the money goes directly to the photographer and printer. Are the payments made directly to Trump Model Management? Who is the photographer? How many cards do you get for $1,000? What company does the printing?

Note: Donald Trump has been associated with Stacey Eastman of Pulse Management who runs a photo mill / comp card racket with his wife. Eastman says he’s a partner with Trump.

They still have a website up:

Trump Models is the brainstorm and vision of owner, Donald Trump. As one of the leading agencies in New York, Trump Models has been at the forefront of cultivating a wide range of innovative and vibrant talent which personify the trends of the fashion industry. Trump Models has achieved status recognition with the top magazines, designers, photographers and clients from around the world.

Somehow we doubt this. Sure doesn’t look like a Who’s Who of the business here.

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3 Responses to “Trump Sued by Jamaican Model After He Stiffed Her on Promised Pay, Said She Felt Like a ‘Slave’”

  1. GOP For Hillary 2016 on 10/10/16 at 9:46 am

    The RNC needs to go through Hillary’s emails…to see if they can find something to use against Trump.

  2. RCV on 12/12/16 at 3:00 pm

    This story needs fact checking. Call the major agencies and ask them how they do it. This is exactly how visas are obtained for fashion models, and yes, they all give a projection concerning the pay a model will make within the first year. They don’t all make that within the first year and others far exceed the estimated rate of pay very quickly. Most models take several years of cultivation before they consistently hit and out due the estimate Models careers have an evolution, they aren’t traditionally hired by the hour workers. This case is absurd, because in fashion agency standards, which comply with the government rules for obtaining visas Trump Agency followed the rules. Fact check your assumptions. The industry with models sponsored by an agency then promoted to advertisers that will eventually hire them on a job by job basis have a very different path.