Trump Least Favorably Viewed Candidate Since 1992

Posted by on Feb 01, 2016 at 7:55 am

Hard to imagine how a vulgar, crude leftwinger with an obnoxious personality can be viewed so unfavorably. Well, if rank-and-file Republican voters have a death wish, we’ve found their man.

Three out of every five Americans views Donald Trump unfavorably, according to Gallup’s most recent two-week average for all of the candidates. That’s the highest among the Republicans and the highest of any candidate in the race at this point.

It’s so high, in fact, that Gallup’s Frank Newport wanted to see how it compared to the peak unfavorable ratings earned by every candidate back to 1992, when Gallup began tracking the data as it does now.

No candidate in the past 25 years has been viewed more unfavorably by Americans (Democrat, Republican and independent) than Donald Trump.

George H. W. Bush is the only one that really came close, with his unfavorable ratings spiking just before he lost his reelection in 1992. On the most-popular end of the spectrum are Bernie Sanders and Ben Carson — both of whom are less well-known than Trump, meaning that fewer people have an opinion one way or the other.

There is a silver lining of sorts:

There’s one small consolation for Republicans worried about an unpopular Trump winning their party’s nomination. The third least popular candidate in Gallup’s numbers is the person currently leading the Democratic field, Hillary Clinton.

About the only things saving Grandma from seizing the top spot if the media’s lack of curiosity about her criminal behavior. Speaking of the criminal Clinton, her opponent, the crazy old socialist, is concerned about her possibly cheating in Iowa.

Jeff Weaver, the presidential campaign manager for Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.), says he is worried Hillary Clinton’s team is resorting to “irregular” tactics to win the Iowa caucus on Feb. 1.

Weaver’s concern is based on what he described as an “alarming” letter received by a voter named Dennis Clifford in Hawarden, Iowa. Although Clifford is a Sanders supporter, the letter, from a Clinton campaign office in Sioux City, urged him to caucus for Clinton and identified a non-resident as his local precinct captain. That would not actually be prohibited, but Weaver, who admitted he wasn’t familiar with the rules, claimed it indicated the Clinton campaign is “infiltrating the caucuses with out-of-state paid staffers.”

Clifford, a retiree, told Yahoo about the letter, which he received earlier this month. It was written by a Clinton campaign staffer named Morgan Luther who was identified as the precinct captain for Hawarden.

“I’m Hillary’s captain for your caucus and you’ll find me at your caucus wearing a blue shirt that says ‘captain,’” Luther wrote. “It’s my job to make sure all of Hillary’s supporters are in attendance on caucus night to ensure Hillary wins.”

According to Clifford, he became concerned when he realized that the return address on the letter was a Clinton campaign office in Sioux City, Iowa, which is about 50 miles away from Hawarden. Clifford said he found it unusual that any campaign would name someone a precinct captain who was not from the precinct.

The Clinton Crime Family will stoop to any level to win.

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