Trump: ‘I love the poorly educated’

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 at 7:54 am

See, we told you he’s a Democrat. They love their voting base to be as stupid as possible.

Trump thanked supporters, telling them “we will be celebrating for a long time” after his win. News organizations called the race just minutes after the caucuses wrapped up at midnight EST.

Rattling off the results of exit polls that showed him winning among nearly every segment of the electorate, Trump savored the energetic cheers of his supporters.

“We won the evangelicals, we won with young, we won with old, we won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated,” Trump said.

You just know if he does become the nominee the same media that’s propped him up with free airtime is going to turn on him with a vengeance. It’ll be a daily orgy of negative stories and the GOP will be left having to defend this barking clown.

Which is why they’ve carried his water all this time. They want him to be the nominee so they can wrap him around the necks of actual conservatives and watch him crash and burn. He just vomits up whatever comes into his head and every bit of it the Republicans will be forced to defend, 24/7 every day through election day.

You know it’s coming. We’ll have no part of it, thank you very much.

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3 Responses to “Trump: ‘I love the poorly educated’”

  1. Christian Toto on 24/24/16 at 3:41 pm

    That’s the angle that’s slowly dawning on me now. As a conservative it’s my job to defend our nominee … and the party’s job to do the same.

    How do you defend Trump? And yes, the media has played this beautifully. Use him up for every ounce of ratings gold … and then when it really matters … wham!

    But let’s not forget the conservative new media sites (and radio talkers) who have carried his water just as happily as the mainstream media.

  2. wascally wabbit on 26/26/16 at 9:46 pm

    What caucus has Wubio won? Maybe it’s time for that sterling Glenn Beck endorsement?