Trump Hotels Exec Arrested for Beating Woman on Easter Sunday

Posted by on Mar 31, 2016 at 2:01 pm

How is this animal not on the Trump campaign? We imagine it won’t be long until Trump’s cultists are savaging the woman on social media.

An executive who helps run Donald Trump’s hotel chain was arrested for attacking a young mother outside his ritzy downtown Brooklyn condo.

Nathan Crisp was charged with misdemeanor assault for repeatedly slamming a 27-year-old mother of two against the sidewalk during a clash outside his doorman building on Gold St. on Easter Sunday.

Victim Sheneik McCallum claims she pulled over outside the Avalon Fort Greene condo tower to make sure one of her infants was secured into a baby seat when Crisp yelled at her to get off private property.

After the two continued to quarrel, Crisp, 34, allegedly blocked the young mom’s car with his own vehicle and attacked her, according to community advocate Tony Herbert. He threw her to the ground twice, according to cops.

Crisp was taken into custody shortly after the attack and given a desk appearance ticket, according to police. He is due to answer the misdemeanor charges in court on May 2.

Reminder, Trump always tells us he hires only the best people.

Update: And the damage control is already underway:

Oh, and we may as well get this out there since Team Trump surely will:

A second indictment charges these and other members of S3 including:

Anthony Harper, Harvin Eigner (“I.G.”), Hasba Flynn-Hakim, Tyesha Halls, Brian Hanna, Desjeuner Knight (“Fat Girl” – tough alias, huh), Sheneik McCallum, Ahmad Mohsen (“Mike”), Edna Nixon (“Nina”), Joshua Simon (“Dog” – not to be confused with “Dogg”) and Malkia Walker (“Kia”).

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