Trump Derangement Syndrome is crippling the left

Posted by on Sep 22, 2016 at 8:09 am

People are losing it over Donald Trump. The people I’m talking about are mostly liberals and Democrats who are watching with horror as the election they happily thought Hillary Clinton had put away in August has become a squeaker in September. Their attitude is that any word uttered about the election that doesn’t serve as an open denunciation of Trump is an implicit endorsement of Trump.

Let someone mention the bad behavior of the Clinton Foundation and the response is likely to be a shriek of outrage that you didn’t say something worse about the Trump Foundation. Say that Hillary is a liar, which she is, and immediately you are told Trump is a WORSE LIAR!!!!

I’m enjoying this meltdown. I’m sorry if that’s mean. I can’t help myself. For months last year when Republicans and conservatives were raising alarm bells about his rise, the general response from Democrats and liberals was a certain measure of unholy glee at what they perceived to be the collapse and self-destruction of the GOP.

It’s not that they thought Trump was a good thing, but that as a bad thing, he was delivering to distressed Republicans and conservatives a just punishment for their sins.

Well, now they know. Now they know what it feels like to see Trump defy gravity to some degree and seem to lap a candidate they find acceptable at worst and at best a world-historical agent of change.

And just like Republicans and conservatives did back then, Democrats and liberals are eating their own. They’re lashing out at anyone they think isn’t openly seeking to destroy Trump — at Matt Lauer for failing to give Trump a hard-enough time in his half-hour interview the other week, or at Jimmy Fallon for being Jimmy Fallon with Trump on the “Tonight Show” instead of being Edward R. Murrow with Joseph McCarthy.

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One Response to “Trump Derangement Syndrome is crippling the left”

  1. Meanwich and the Stinkburgers on 22/22/16 at 1:48 pm

    Even if Trump loses the destruction of the thimble full of credibility the Bolshevik fifth column RAT media had is EPIC!