Tolerance! Mother Kicks 8-Year-Old Out of the House for Voting for Trump in Mock Election

Posted by on Nov 13, 2016 at 12:12 pm

She seems nice.

A disturbing viral video of a mom kicking her 8-year-old son out of the house for voting for Donald Trump in a mock election at school has prompted Texas authorities to investigate the woman for child abuse.

KPRC-TV reported Friday that the woman, who can be heard yelling, even cursing, at the boy who is visibly upset, was interviewed by Fort Bend County’s Sheriff’s Office and Child Protective Services after she posted the video on her Facebook page.

“Since you voted for Trump, you can get your s—t and get out,” the woman is heard saying to the boy as she records the video on a cellphone. As of Friday the video had been shared more than 200,000 times, sparking outrage and demands that she be locked up. “Uh, uh, the suitcase is packed by the door.”

The boy bawls uncontrollably as he’s shown to the door with the suitcase and a handmade sign that says, “My mom kicked me out because I voted for Donald Trump.”

“Bye Donald Trump lover,” she is heard saying.

Later in the video the boy stands on the sidewalk with the signand tells the camera he voted for Trump because saw him a lot on TV.

The station reported that the video, which is nearly five minutes-long, was tough to watch, even tougher to understand. Neighbors who live on the woman’s block in the town of Fresno told the station the video left them angry and appalled.

Detective Joe Luera of the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office told the station that as disturbing as the video is, investigators haven’t found evidence of a crime. He said the investigation was continuing.

People have lost their damn minds. Video here.

2 Responses to “Tolerance! Mother Kicks 8-Year-Old Out of the House for Voting for Trump in Mock Election”

  1. stay sharp, stay alert on 13/13/16 at 1:36 pm

    Does love still trump hate?
    The people getting jumped and beat up at the Soros/DNC funded protests are they getting some tough love?
    Looks like the poor little 8 year old didn’t like his dose of tough love.
    Is martial law/civil war the goal? (rhetorical)