The Tantrum Continues: Spoiled NBA Multimillionaires to Boycott Trump Hotels

Posted by on Nov 16, 2016 at 8:06 am

In return, Americans should boycott these lousy basketball teams.

It looks like three NBA teams — and maybe more — want nothing to do with property branded by Donald Trump.

The Bucks, Grizzlies and Mavericks have decided to stop staying at Trump hotels on road trips to New York City and Chicago in an effort to disassociate themselves from the controversial President-elect, according to an report.

One other Eastern Conference team, which ESPN has kept anonymous, also reportedly will abandon Trump SoHo hotel in favor of a different hotel in Manhattan when its contract expires at the end of the season.

An additional seven teams told ESPN.comon Tuesday that they are under contract to stay at the former real estate mogul’s properties when they travel to play the Bulls, Knicks and Nets.

Like many high-profile NBA players and coaches, Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban were both outspoken Hillary Clinton supporters during the run-up to the election.

Gee, you think that might have something to do with it? By the way, the garbage team know as the Dallas Mavericks is currently 2-7. Even their own fans should boycott that mess.

5 Responses to “The Tantrum Continues: Spoiled NBA Multimillionaires to Boycott Trump Hotels”

  1. Pablo panadero on 16/16/16 at 9:44 am

    Making a prediction:
    Mark Cuban will run for and will win the Democratic nomination for President in 2020.

  2. Sargent Stadenko on 16/16/16 at 1:10 pm

    The local NBA team had multiple shoot outs at strip clubs and possession of gun or cannabis arrests.
    That team was dismantled and rebuilt and the fans still stayed away.
    There is no reason to come back now.
    I almost got in trouble at work joking around saying the teams new sound effects would be gunshots and the first 100 fans get a free Glock.

  3. judgeroybean on 16/16/16 at 8:14 pm

    Okey dokey then. Two can play this game and those whiners have a reputation for losing big time. So I’m going to do my part. BUYcotting Trump hotels, boycotting everything remotely related to the NBA. Those dumb asses too stupid to realize they just TARGETED themselves. You’d think they would have learned something from Colin Kaepernick. No? Too bad most of them can’t read and the others are too stupid to listen.

  4. Darwin Akbar on 18/18/16 at 8:20 am

    ….so, if I understand this correctly, I stand less of a chance of running into NBA players if I stay at a Trump hotel?

    Can someone please forward me a list of Trump hotels?

    PS: According to people who traveled with Trump during the campaign, whenever possible, Trump booked rooms at a Holiday Inn Express, rather than the fancy downtown hotels. It was the other candidate who demanded the Presidential Suites and the Special Breakfasts.