The Obama Effect: British Voters Reject Lame Duck’s Plea to Remain in EU

Posted by on Apr 28, 2016 at 7:21 am

Hard to believe a country would ignore the pleas of a failed president who’s meddling in their business.

Barack Obama failed to persuade British voters to stay in the EU with his controversial intervention last week, a poll revealed today.

The US President flew into the UK for a four-day visit last week and warned that Britain would be at the ‘back of the queue’ in any trade deal with the US after a Brexit vote.

David Cameron hoped the intervention would be decisive in the EU debate but a YouGov poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday found that the Brexit campaign has jumped three points since the last poll two weeks ago.

It backs up other polls that suggested voters are rejecting Mr Obama’s strongly-worded warning of the consequences of Brexit.

The Out campaign is now in the lead, with 42 per cent in favour of leaving the Brussels club and 41 per cent backing In, according to the survey for The Times.

The number of people undecided over which way to vote has fallen three points to 13 per cent, suggesting that events over the last two weeks have helped voters make up their minds.

We’re sure those in favor of leaving the EU hope this clown keeps talking.

The In campaign hoped that the intervention of the US president, a 200-page Treasury document warning of the economic costs of Brexit and the first major pro-EU speech by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would persuade voters of the case to stay in the EU.

But today’s poll suggests these interventions have failed. It echoes a string of opinion polls earlier this week that voters have not been influenced by Mr Obama’s call for voters to back staying in the EU.

Today’s YouGov poll also gives a major boost to Ukip, forecasting the party would receive 20 per cent of votes in the General Election.

It also finds that Nigel Farage is more trusted than the Prime Minister on the issue of the EU.

Pretty much the only people who still support this loser are the American media.

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