The Incredible Shrinking Pantsuit: Clinton Trails Trump by Six in National Tracking Poll

Posted by on Sep 15, 2016 at 7:51 am
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The LA Times has been running this poll since around early August and it’s had some swings before.  Mrs. Clinton led by a few points just a week ago, but since she fell ill there’s been a huge swing toward Trump, who now leads 47.2% to 41.3%.  A month ago Clinton led by around five points. With less than two months until the elections, expect the media bias to get even worse.

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Meanwhile, since the media will largely ignore the LAT poll, they’ll instead focus on the new CBS/NYT poll that shows the ailing Grandma up by two points.

With the first debate less than two weeks away, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in a tight race for the presidency nationally. Clinton has just a 2-point edge in a two-way match-up among likely voters. The race is tied when third party candidates are included. Among the broader electorate of registered voters, Clinton leads Trump by five points.

One disadvantage for Clinton is diminished voter enthusiasm. Democrats are less enthusiastic about voting now than they were in August.

More than four in 10 voters think each presidential candidate should release more of their medical records.  This poll was conducted before either candidate’s recent release of medical information.

With Election Day just under eight weeks away, the race for President nationwide is tight. In a two-way match-up, Clinton has a slim edge over Trump, 46 – 44 percent among likely voters who support or lean toward a candidate.


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One Response to “The Incredible Shrinking Pantsuit: Clinton Trails Trump by Six in National Tracking Poll”

  1. the good, the bad, the deplorable on 15/15/16 at 5:06 pm

    But I thought Trump was the unmentionable despicable ringleader of the deplorables?
    How could he be ahead in the polls against the smartest most capable and qualified woman evarz?
    Hilly will lead us to the promised worker’s utopia as part of The Great Leap Forward. Forward!