The ambitious Democrat who can make Trump University explode

Posted by on Mar 09, 2016 at 8:12 am

Trump says the “university” got high marks from students and an “A-plus” from the Better Business Bureau. OK, but that isn’t exactly the greatest stamp of approval. Many businesses pay for their BBB accreditation, leading to some questionable outfits receiving high ratings, critics say.

Meanwhile, Trump U also posted some poor grades from the bureau, such as a “D-minus” when student complaints came in back in 2010 (the higher rating came as the now defunct organization was winding down in 2015).

Indeed, many of those student complaints centered on allegations that Trump U misled them on the usefulness of the information (much of it, they claimed, can be found online or in Trump’s various books); the quality of its teachers (not experts handpicked by Trump as advertised, the students alleged); and the cost: as much as $35,000 for stuff that can allegedly be found by purchasing the “Art of The Deal” for a few bucks on Amazon.

To this day, Trump denies these charges (they’re now part of his GOP opponents’ attack ads), and has done what you might expect: fight his accusers. He sued one student who was part of a class-action case for slander. And once Schneiderman filed his own fraud charges, Trump tried like hell to get it dismissed.

The case isn’t going his way.

Last week, Trump suffered a stinging (in Trump speak, yuuuge) loss: A New York judge not only refused to dismiss the case, he increased the potential liability to Trump by expanding the class of alleged victims.

He also made it easier for Schneiderman to prove his charges: The upshot of the ruling is that the AG doesn’t have to show “intent” on Trump’s part to defraud the students, just that the students were defrauded.

By the way, that slander suit was thrown out of court, with Trump ordered to pay the student’s legal bills.

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