Thanks, Obama! Negative Views of Race Relations Reach an All-Time High as Obama Huddles With Racial Arsonists

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Senator Barack Obama laughs with  Rev. Al Sharpton when sharptons cell phone went off on the podium during Obama's Speech at the National Action Network's Annual Convention at the Sheraton in Midton Manhattan Saturday morning. The speech was the last in Rev. Al Sharpton's series of Presidential Candidate speeches at the conference. It Was Sharpton's wife on the phone.   Original Filename: JG4L0160.jpg

So, who’s up for more Hope and Change?

Negative views of race relations are at an all-time high amid the backlash to the Black Lives Matter campaign and police shootings in Dallas, a new poll has revealed.

Research has shown just 26 per cent of Americans believe race relations in the U.S. are good with 69 per cent saying they are mostly bad.

The figure is even higher than in May 1992, when 68 per cent of Americans believed race relations were poor following the Los Angeles riots in the wake of the Rodney King verdict.

The new poll was commissioned by CBS and the New York Times, after the shooting of two black men by white police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota.

It also follows the shooting in Dallas, where a black gunman shot and killed five police officers in a sniper attack.

The survey also shows that positive views of race relations have been steadily declining since April 2009 when they reached a high of 66 per cent shortly after President Obama took office.

The shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri by a white police officer, also saw a steady down turn of positive views of race relations.

The poll also saw respondents asked about the campaign Black Lives Matter, with 41 per cent disagreeing with the movement.

70 per cent of black Americans approve of the movement but white Americans are more divided with 37 per cent approving of Black Lives Matter, 31 per cent disagreeing with it and 28 per cent having no opinion at all.

Meanwhile, the poll also revealed that white and black Americans have similar views when it comes to current race relations, even though white Americans are traditionally more optimistic about them.

In the meantime, the Racial Arsonist-in-Chief met at the White House with noted luminaries Al Sharpton and that punk Deray Wednesday to discuss ways to foment more racial unrest.

The day after lecturing mourning Dallas police about how racist they are, President Obama hosted leaders of the virulently racist Black Lives Matter movement at the White House.

Black Lives Matter, which is funded by hedge fund manager George Soros, is not merely a political movement: it’s a Marxist, anti-American, revolutionary cult whose members aim to unleash a reign of terror on our society. They celebrate when police officers are killed in the line of duty. They don’t want equality; they demand that black Americans receive special, preferential treatment. Disagree and they’ll howl you’re a racist, boycott your business, or try to get you investigated for hate crimes.

The White House visit came after the grotesque, undignified, un-presidential atrocity of a speech President Obama gave in Dallas on Tuesday at a memorial service for the five officers slain by black supremacist Micah Xavier Johnson. At that event Obama lectured Americans, defended Black Lives Matter, bashed police, and pontificated about how racist Americans and American institutions are, particularly the police, while spewing all manner of left-wing talking points.

“If we’re honest, perhaps we’ve heard prejudice in our own heads and felt it in our own hearts. We know that. And while some suffer far more under racism’s burden, some feel to a far greater extent discrimination’s sting. Although most of us do our best to guard against it and teach our children better, none of us is entirely innocent. No institution is entirely immune. And that includes our police departments. We know this.”

At an event intended to honor police murdered by a racist cop-hater, Obama chose to slander cops as racist, placing them on the same moral footing as Johnson. “Insisting we do better to root out racial bias is not an attack on cops, but an effort to live up to our highest ideals,” he said.

It’s classic Obama. He tells Americans to help him heal the nation while passive-aggressively stabbing at his enemies, and then invites those tearing the country apart to the people’s mansion for milk and cookies.

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