Terrorist Who Launched Obama’s Career Calls for Ban on Gun Not Used in Democrat Muslim’s Terror Attack

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 at 6:35 am

We really need a national conversation on the stunning lack of self-awareness by the insipid left. Two days after the largest terror attack in this nation, carried out by a registered Democrat, and all we’re hearing from these clowns is psychobabble about a weapon not even used in the slaughter at the Pulse nightclub. Now along comes terrorist Bill Ayers weighing in with his pearls of wisdom.

Too funny.

We won’t forget. Even when this scumbag is finally six feet under.

Ouch. He walked right into that one.

Ayers will be calling for hate speech legislation soon.

Can’t we just do it for the children?

In the end, this chickenshit terrorist isn’t even man enough to face his critics.

Profiles in Courage, there, Billy.

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