Ted Cruz Jokes With Jimmy Kimmel About Backing Over Trump; Trump Cultists Lose It

Posted by on Mar 31, 2016 at 8:26 am
Republican presidential candidate U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) answers a question from reporter following a campaign stop at the V.F.W. Hall in Merrimack, New Hampshire March 27, 2015.     REUTERS/Brian Snyder

These Trump cultists, like their Orange-faced God, have the thinnest skin of anyone out there. They babbly on all day about being strong and fearless, but they soild their drawers when anyone goofs on Pumpkinhead.


Ted Cruz made his debut on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday night, and needless to say, fellow GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump received a not-so-honorable mention: Cruz joked about running Trump over with a car.

Before Cruz sat down with Kimmel, a segment with April Fool’s Day prank ideas was aired. One of the ideas involved putting a picture of Trump in front of the backup camera of someone’s car so a person would mistakenly think they were about to hit Trump when they reversed.

Cruz later brought up the prank when Kimmel asked the Texas senator who he liked least: Trump or President Barack Obama.

“Look, I dislike Obama’s policies more, but Donald is a unique individual,” Cruz said.

“I will say, I was watching the early part of the show, and if I were in my car getting ready to reverse and saw Donald in the backup camera, I’m not confident which pedal I’d push,” Cruz said, jokingly.

Naturally, Trumps cultists are freaking out:

Get. A. Grip.

So Cruz can’t make a joke on a comedy show, but smearing people is just fine:

But totally not a cult:

They’re really taking it well.

Oh, and Megyn Kelly, because why not?

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One Response to “Ted Cruz Jokes With Jimmy Kimmel About Backing Over Trump; Trump Cultists Lose It”

  1. zaugg on 31/31/16 at 11:11 am

    Some of the Trump supporters are the rudest commentators on the netz now even more than DU or Daily Kos posters. They take even the mildest criticism of Trump and go crazy.