Suspect Identified as Ahmad Khan Rahimi Wanted for NYC Bombing

Posted by on Sep 19, 2016 at 7:38 am

We figure he’s a Norwegian immigrant or something.

A source tells ABC News that authorities are searching for a 28-year-old suspect in connection with a bombing in the NYC area. The FBI will issue a wanted poster soon, the source says.

Ahmad Khan Rahimi, DOB 1/23/88, is wanted by the FBI in connection with at least one NYC-area bombing, the FBI says. The address of a home being searched by FBI agents in Elizabeth, New Jersey is linked to a person with a similar name.

Meanwhile, the madness continued overnight.

A bomb was detonated by a police robot at a New Jersey station on Sunday night as the FBI conducts a manhunt for a suspected terrorist cell behind the Manhattan bomb blast on Saturday night.

Footage from the scene showed the robot accidentally cut the wrong wire on one of five IEDs dumped in a trashcan at the train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey late on Sunday night, resulting in a huge explosion.

Hours earlier, the FBI stopped an SUV with five armed men inside on New York’s Verrazano bridge in connection with Saturday’s Manhattan bomb. They are currently questioning those men, who were believed to be on their way to the airport when they were stopped, but say there could be more suspects at large and a terror cell may exist in the area. Officials have suggested that all or most of the arrested men are from the same family.

It was the second night of suspected terrorism in the New York area, after a bomb exploded in Chelsea hurting 29 people and a second device was found and defused on Saturday night. A military fun run was also pipe bombed in New Jersey on Saturday.


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