Surprise! Facebook Clowns Donate More to Clinton Than Any Other Candidate

Posted by on May 11, 2016 at 7:37 am

In a really stunning development, the guy in charge of trending topics at Fakebook is a Clinton donor. But hey, they’re not biased or anything.

Facebook employees contribute more to Hillary Clinton than to any other presidential candidate — and among the donors is an executive in charge of trending topics.

Clinton netted at least $114,000 from workers at the social-media giant who itemized their contributions.

Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who bowed out of the race in March, came in a distant second, with $16,604, according to data reviewed by The Hill.

Only donors who listed their employers — required of those giving $200 or more — were counted.

At least 78 Facebook employees, who work on everything from engineering to marketing, have funneled cash to Clinton.

They include, Tom Stocky, a vice president whose team oversees trending topics. He donated $2,700, the maximum allowed, on Oct. 26 to Hillary for America, records show.

Facebook is under fire following a report by Gizmodo that it limits conservative news from its trending feature.

A real shocker, huh?

In 2012, Stocky approvingly posted print and video excerpts of President Barack Obama’s anti-gun speech following the Newtown shootings. Stocky liked a video posted on Facebook by Vox of Obama condemning people who wished to tighten U.S. border security in the wake of the terrorist attacks in France in which several terrorists posed as refugees to gain access to the country.

In one Facebook post following the Paris attacks, Stocky declared that the purpose of the attacks was not to murder large numbers of people, but to get people to react to them.

“Their goal with these terrorist acts is to incite a strong reaction, specifically a strong reaction that includes persecuting Muslims,” Stocky wrote.

He later declared in the same post, without providing any evidence, that the terrorists aren’t Muslim at all.

“These terrorists today are invoking Islam while killing people,” Stockysaid. “None of them are actually Muslim.”

He seems like a straight shooter.

First off, anyone getting their “news” from Facebook likely has little to no clue what’s going on in the world.  Second, the idea that the government should intervene to do anything about this is absurd. If you want to punish these leftwing clowns, log off and delete your account.

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