Surprise! Cover-up Over Cologne Sex Attacks Blamed on ‘Sensitivities’ Toward Muslim Invaders

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Germany better get their act together soon or their women will soon be sex slaves. The showdown is coming. Same goes for the rest of Europe.

Public anger is growing in Germany over a series of sexual assaults against women in the centre of Cologne on New Year’s Eve, amid suggestions that authorities were slow to act due to political sensitivity surrounding the perpetrators’ ethnicities.

Politicians and police were facing mounting questions on Wednesday over how a crowd of some 1,000 men “of North African or Arab appearance” was able to mass around the city’s main train station on New Year’s Eve, with roving gangs allegedly assaulting dozens of women with impunity.

Senior politicians have accused the press of self-censorship over fears the men’s reported ethnicities could lead to scapegoating of migrants in general, amid tensions in Germany over its high levels of refugee arrivals.

More than 120 criminal complaints have been filed by women who were sexually assaulted or robbed, including at least two cases of rape. A police spokesman said at least three quarters of the complaints had a sexual component.

The mass assaults have clear echoes of a phenomenon seen in Egypt during and after the Tahrir Square revolution of 2011 when posses of young men would gather apparently spontaneously around young women and harass them, often violently.

Authorities have said there is no concrete indication that the perpetrators were asylum seekers who arrived in last year’s record influx, but opponents of Angela Merkel’s welcoming policy towards migrants have leapt on the possible link. One far right councillor in Cologne wrote an open letter saying the city centre had now become a no-go area for women.

Civilized nations do not have no-go areas and enough already with the sensitivities toward those who’ll rape and behead you when given the chance. Assimilate or get the fuck out. More thoughts here:

My mordant observation on an epidemic of sex slavery in the decades ahead was, alas, deadly serious. The tensions at the heart of the multiculti Eutopia evident on the streets of Germany this New Year’s Eve will worsen as the years go by, as I wrote about in After America (personally autographed copiesof which are exclusively available, etc, etc). Somewhere in there, I quote a headline from the impeccably non-far-right Spiegel:

Der Spiegel was fretting over the internal contradictions of sexual hedonism in a multicultural age: Can you have thousands of young men from a primitive culture that regards women as possessions (and dumps you in loveless marriages to cousins you never previously knew) living alongside underdressed dolly birds staggering around in mini-skirts and fishnets? Not for long:

In La Courneuve in France, 77 per cent of covered women said they wore the veil to “avoid the wrath of Islamic morality patrols,” as the writer Claire Berlinski put it. She added:

‘We are talking about France, not Iran.’

So far Jews and gays have been at the sharp end of the Islamization of Europe, as we see in the prison-camp security required for Jewish schools in France and in the shuttering gay bars of Amsterdam. As Germans and Scandinavians are beginning to understand, women are next.


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