SUNY must come down hard on students who made up a ‘racial assault’

Posted by on Mar 01, 2016 at 7:43 am

Three race-baiting SUNY-Albany coeds were arraigned on assault and other charges in a capital-city courtroom Monday in a case that offers both Gov. Cuomo and top university officials an unparalleled leadership opportunity.

Want to bet they boot it?

The coeds, who are African-American, brought charges sufficiently serious to attract the attention even of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton — advancing a lurid tale of early-morning racist assaults by white students aboard a public bus bound for the SUNY campus on Jan. 30.

“I just got jumped on a bus while people hit us and called us the “ ‘n’ word,” Asha Burwell, one of the three students, tweeted. “NO ONE helped us.”

“A whole bunch of guys started hitting me and my two friends, punching us in the head,” Burwell later charged on social media — adding that the bus driver “let the bus sit . . . while my friend got beat in the head by white guys.”

Not a word of it was true, according to authorities — who arraigned the trio on charges including misdemeanor assault and the filing of false police reports.

Not the crime of the century, to be sure — but definitely a cautionary event that left people in high places looking sadly foolish.

These would include Clinton: “There’s no excuse for racism and violence on a college campus,” declared a campaign tweet, which linked to a national newspaper report on the allegations.

Closer to campus, and much more worrisome, was the reflexive response of UAlbany President Robert J. Jones — an estimable fellow who initially swallowed the tale whole.

“Early this morning, three of our students were harassed and assaulted while riding a bus in Albany,” said his statement. “I am deeply concerned, saddened and angry about this incident. There is no place in the UAlbany community for violence, no place for racial intolerance and no place for gender violence.”

One would hope not.

Then again, nothing actually happened — unless, of course, it matters that one of the trio is now alleged to have assaulted a white coed who was riding the bus. Or unless it matters that the only racial slurs heard on the video came from one of the black students.

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