Stupid Man Really Regrets This Tattoo

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Granted, this idiot was 16 at the time, when for some strange reason he though getting a tattoo on and around his privates was a good idea.

Bad move, bro.

A barman has admitted he is stuck with a tattoo of Henry The Hoover on his crotch as he can’t face painful laser surgery to remove it.

Lewis Flint, 21, from Grimsby, was 16 – under the legal age to have a tattoo – when he had the body art of the red vacuum cleaner inked below his waistline, with a black lead stretching around his hip to a plug and socket on his bottom.

He said he was delighted with the comical design at first but five years on, it is hindering his ability to have a relationship.

‘When I first got it done aged 16 I couldn’t stop getting it out, I got loads of attention and I was a bit of a local hero, I loved it,’ he revealed on the latest episode of Channel 4’s Bodyshockers.

‘But I was with a girl recently and I liked her, things were going well until we got naked.

‘When she saw it she said “what’s that? I am off!” I was gutted, I never thought I would regret my tattoo when I got it done.’

His mother, Rachel, said she’s not surprised women are finding his tattoo a turn off.

‘I completely understand why the poor girl ran away and she could have been a keeper,’ she told him.

She added: ‘I can’t believe he has had the tattoo, it must be off putting for a lot of girls. You can’t take him seriously as it is ridiculous.’

Lewis admitted to Bodyshockers presenter Katie Piper that the tattoo was a bit of a joke – his other ideas for one in the same area included a peeled banana and Superman – but now he realises the joke is on him.

He explained: ‘I thought I would get it done and it would be funny, a bit of attention. The tattooist didn’t know I was only 16.

‘I feel like the joke is about me now, I am not telling the joke. Henry needs switching off.’

He said he is now keen to have the tattoo removed as it is affecting his confidence when it comes to women.

What a dope. Good luck with the ladies.


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